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As many of the readers of Simple Life Reboot know, our journey to a simpler, more fulfilling life, began in the Spring of 2013. (see:  The Trip that Changed Everything)

But before we “changed everything”, the over-arching feeling had been that we never had enough, enough money, enough time, enough of anything.  Our solution had always been to work longer hours, make more money, get ahead of what we owed, get ahead of everything we needed, and stay ahead.  What we discovered, however, was that the faster we rushed to stay ahead, the more our obligations and demands outpaced us.  Clearly, we were not achieving anything close to the life we intended.  But why?

It would take a change of attitude to find the solution.

Do We Settle for Less?

We always thought we could solve any problem without giving up anything.  After all, you never give up anything to get the next thing, right?  If you want something, you find a way to make it work without surrendering to a position of LESS.  To surrender is to lose, to submit to an opponent.  Our opponent in this case – the settling for less.

But thinking deeper, and longer, about our desires, our true desires, left us realizing something profound.

True Desires

What we had really been surrendering to was our pride, our refusal to let go of the appearance of success.  What we really desired was not a big house, and lots of stuff, but a loving relationship with our family and friends.  Suddenly, the threads of abundance that had been holding our little party together began unraveling before our eyes, but not because it was beyond our control.  Quite the contrary.  We were doing the unraveling, ourselves, intentionally selling our big house, holding garage sales to dispense with 85 percent of our possessions, freeing ourselves from “appearances”, in order to reach for true success, the kind of success that values people ahead of things.

Ask anyone who has done this, who has deliberately gotten rid of most of the stuff they have accumulated over the years, and they will describe the feeling as – “liberating!”

Adopting the simplicity lifestyle really just comes down to this:  the reduction and subtraction of the unnecessary trappings of life so that you can focus on the really important things, like relationships and life experiences.

Do not let pride keep you chasing after the wrong things!

Subtract the obstacles from your life that do not contribute to your true desires, and take a deep breath.  You will have more room to maneuver, to be nimble (see:  The Value of Nimble), with the necessary resources, time, energy, and creativity, to contribute to those around you.

Stop chasing after the wrong things for the wrong reasons, and begin moving toward your true desires, and know that it is not the stuff we acquire that makes us happy, but life, itself.


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