Why Practice Does Not Necessarily Make Perfect
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“What are you practicing?!!!”

I can still  hear my gymnastics coach decades later.

There is no grey area.  We are either practicing to improve, or we are practicing habits which lead to decline, if not danger. Missed or sloppy practices result in a fall.

What we fail to recognize is that the greatest “injury” comes not from the fall,  but rather from ingraining poor habits. Whether we realize it or not,  our practices are either moving us toward our priorities or are rendering us less healthy, connected, productive, etc.  We tend to become what we practice.

Why do we do this?  Perhaps we hold back in a futile attempt to protect ourselves from disappointment.   We know that whether it is in the world of gymnastics, business or relationships,  careful consistent training does not guaranty success.  Even the most talented hardworking gymnasts fall from time to time.

What we need to remember is that our practices develop our character.  Are we practicing to be a diligent  person who dares greatly?  Are we giving it our best effort even though we will fall from time to time?

Let’s reflect on how we practice… and when we fall, let’s dust ourselves off and try again.


Originally posted on http://SimpleLifeReboot.com





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