SLT072: How Do You Define Work Life Balance?
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Vanessa was getting ready to throw away a magazine (because of course, she practices the “one in one out rule“) and the headline on the cover was: The Balanced Life! She told me that she paused for a moment and thought, “Do I have balance?” We hear so much about it, but how do we define work life balance?

What does it really mean? Can we really achieve a balanced life? And so we got to talking about balance for a while, and thought we’d explore that a little more…. (Read more…)

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Topic:  How Do You Define Work Life Balance?

It seems like the whole “balance thing” has become a buzz word. We hear about balance all the time in magazines, on television, supposed experts, life coaches, etc. Terms like work life balance, balanced diet, and even balanced budget are pretty pervasive.  But what does balance really mean in your life? We think “balanced” is different for everyone and there’s no one prescribed balanced lifestyle that works for everyone. Nor is there one way to define work life balance in a way that’s universal. So, we took a look at it from our own experience.

For us, work life balance includes myriad topics we’ve discussed on previous shows, such as:

    • The right size home
    • The right amount of time spent on work
    • Valuing experiences vs things
    • Freedom from stuff…in exchange for more free time to do what we love
    • Healthier living and relationships
    • Working as part of a team, focused on a larger goal…at work and/or in the community
    • Essentially, we define work life balance as living a fulfilling life…that will include ups and downs but overall full of happiness, joy, etc.

As we talked about what this balance meant to us, there were some pretty specific things that were NOT included in our definition of work life balance, too. Here are some:

    • We don’t think it means being on permanent vacation
    • It’s not about striving to eliminate all challenges in  our life…that’s part of life! Sure, balance is easier when you don’t have challenges, but that’s not real life!
    • It’s not about eliminating everything…just all the “junk”

So what gets in our way of achieving a good balance? For us, historically it’s been things like:

    • Putting an overemphasis on work related tasks when it interferes in other areas of our lives
    • Over obligating ourselves monetarily through too much spending
    • Over obligating ourselves by accepting too many commitments that sap our time
    • Consumerism always makes you feel like you’re missing something, and if you have this item, take this pill, look this way, then your life will be complete
    • Overindulging in one way or another, such as with:
      • Food
      • Drink
      • Technology

Speaking of technology, that deserves a deeper look. What’s the problem with technology? It’s invading every realm of our personal space, that’s what! It’s even encroaching on the most intimate of spaces and events:

    • The bathroom
    • The shower
    • The bedroom
    • Family meals

When we overindulge in technology, it distracts our attention and focus, and affects our ability to communicate and deal. For the younger generation of teens, it’s even impacted the way they communicate. Many rely on electronic communication versus face to face communication. In some, this has hindered their ability to deal with confrontation. Technology, when abused, hinders our ability to be present…to pause, and be in the moment; to be alone in our thoughts to contemplate.  Ironically most people say they want to “give it up”, but never do.

How We Strive To Create Balance

So here are some ways we try to maintain to ensure we stay true to how we define work life balance. We:

    • Review our goals
    • Reward ourselves when we achieve our goals or reach milestones
    • Avoid triggers and bad situations (negative relationships, inappropriate foods, shopping malls, etc)
    • Establish “no-tech” days or digital fasts. I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone about 2 weeks ago (Yay!)
    • Schedule in family/fun time
    • Take time for ourselves
    • Focus on the present and don’t dwell on the past
    • Keep moving
    • Check things off your to-do lists….even if it means removing a to-do item all together
    • Learn to value experiences over things

Wrap Up:

So…in the end, like most things, we define work-life balance on our own. It’s not 50/50…it’s not 80/20. It’s up to You to determine the balance that is right for you, You make a plan to achieve that balance, and hopefully, building on the habits we talked about last week, You develop the keystone habits routines, and rituals that bring about the balance that’s right for you.


So what does a balanced life look like to you? How do you find or work towards that balance in your life? We’d love to know.  Share your successes and struggles in the comments below. 


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