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The number one reason we love simplicity is that it gives us flexibility to live our lives the way we want. Sure, it takes some real effort to get to the point where we could drop what we were doing and take a 30-day vacation, but once you get to the point where you can shape your life to do the things you want to do, and live they way you want to live, you’ll love simplicity too. It is so worth the effort and probably how you’d like to live your life too.

During our recent trip, we covered over 6600 miles with our tiny teardrop camper in tow. But thankfully, we didn’t drag along a lot of complexity with us as we traveled. But simplicity doesn’t just “happen.” Some deliberate decisions and actions ensured we could enjoy our experiences together as a family without some of the misfortunes of the Griswolds!

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Topic:  Why We Love Simplicity

We absolutely love the freedom to spend our time (for the most part) the way we want to. That’s why we love simplicity. All the things we have done to simplify our lives over the past couple of years is really starting to pay off. So when the time came for our summer vacation, all the dividends of our efforts manifested themselves throughout every facet of our trip. Now, we always like to leave you with some solid take-aways for every blog post or podcast episode we do. So, the take-away for you isn’t us talking about our trip…I mean, who cares about that other than us, right? But rather, the things we experienced tie directly in with almost everything we talk about on Simple Life Together. No doubt you take what we talk about and adapt it for yourself, right? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll do with this info, too. And if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even save you some time or effort by helping you avoid some of the mistakes we’ve made.

So here are a few key points from the show:

    • How we made time to take a vacation, chose to align our work w/our Freedom Pillar, and then juggling clients to free up vacation time.

    • Why we went where we did and a little about each stop, including:

      • Florida
      • Nashville: Mastermind group and dinner with a fellow CPO, her garden, small town, etc…
      • Other stops in the Blue Ridge area
      • Why one of our ‘hopeful’ spots to live in ended up being a “no-go” for us
      • Meeting some full-time RVers
      • Stopped for an over-nighter in Shenandoah NP. Look out for lions, tigers and bears (oh my!). Well, just bears, actually.
      • A visit to Luray Caverns
      • Why we went to Hershey, PA (duh…chocolate!)
      • Lake Placid in the Adirondacks
      • The Buffalo, NY area and Sprague Brook Park
    • Highlights from the trip:

      • Meeting George & Sheila
      • Spending time with family (basically, for all the same reasons we talked about in Episode 35)
      • Kevin & Evette’s amazing eggs!
      • Exploring Buffalo
      • Visiting Elvis’ Graceland
        • We wonder what it would be like to live that lifestyle sometimes, but I’d bet Elvis would have traded with us on a few occasions.
        • Thanks to Big Jim Sykes of Sirius/XM Elvis Radio at Graceland for letting me explore and get a photo op in the studio setup
      • Small space living in our teardrop, and our son in his Hennessy Hammock
      • Enjoying simple foods and not eating too much ‘junk’ on the road
    • More ‘Wins’ and Lessons Learned

      • Again, we LOVE our Merino wool clothing choices and our techniques of packing light!
      • You can’t beat the good ol’ fashioned fun of sitting around a campfire! In essence, we really enjoyed slacklining, fishing, time with family
        • For another take on spending time with family, check out the new blog by Chris & Sarah Wehkamp of
      • There’s a big difference between “living the dream” and just “buying the dream”! We met someone along the way who “bought the dream” but never lived it.
      • And finally, what it felt like to come back to our simple home.



So, what are some ways you’ve invested in simplifying your life? How are those dividends paying off for you? We’d love to know!

Be sure to leave a comment below.

Thing Segment:

Dan: Nearly 30 days off of social media! It was awesome!

Vanessa: Being told by Sunshine, “Mommy…now’s not the time to be on your phone.”


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