SLT067: Simplify Your Wardrobe Redux
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Way back in Episode 47, Simplify Your Wardrobe, we explored our relationship with the clothes that we wear and asked ourselves some questions such as: So what things shape your current wardrobe? What does your wardrobe look like now? What would your ideal wardrobe look like? and What are some of your favorite pieces and why? We also introduced that we were going to give a microcourse called Dress With Less a try, cutting our wardrobes down to 33 pieces each for 3 months.

Well, it’s been over 6 months and 20  Simple Life Together episodes since then and while we’ve mentioned quite a bit about our progress along the way, we thought we owed you a good, solid wrap up. So this is it!  Read more…

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Topic:  Simplify Your Wardrobe Redux

When your goal is to simplify your wardrobe, you don’t expect to learn a whole lot of lessons about your attachment to “stuff.” But that’s just what happened with us. Over 6 months ago, Vanessa packed up most of her clothes and put them up in the attic. And then just a few days ago, we sat down and started talking about the process and what we’ve learned along the way. As we talked, I said, “You know what? This is good stuff. We really ought to be recording this!” So we moved on out to our World Shedquarters, sat behind the mics and just had a candid conversation. Vanessa even shared a few journal entries she did early on in the challenge. Here’s a sample:

Day 2: Well I woke up and and the first thing I did, even before going to the restroom was check out my wardrobe. Yup…still pretty empty…nothing really changed. So I cried again. I was grumpy all day…frustrated with the challenge…even more frustrated with my emotions.

But miraculously as the day went on, I started to settle into the idea of living with less. It’s not like this was life or death….it’s a simple challenge….and one I don’t have to commit to if I don’t want to. So that seemed to brighten my spirits a little. And with that….I revisited my closet, made some final edits and settled into the fact that this was just a challenge…only a 3 month challenge.

 So, have a listen and consider this episode a inside look at our own personal triumphs and struggles. It was just Vanessa and me having a little one on one talk, but we thought you’d appreciate being a fly on the wall. If you decide that you want to simplify your wardrobe a bit, too, we’d love to hear some of your lessons learned.


So, what are some things you’ve learned along the way as you try to simplify your wardrobe? How did you handle your struggles? Did you have support along the way? Was 33 the right number of things for you, or was it more or less? We’d love to know!

Be sure to leave a comment below.

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