SLT060: What’s Your Simplicity Splurge?
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So we talk all the time about scaling back, editing, etc. But there’s probably one thing or another that you’ve decided would be your simplicity splurge. That something that you’re just not going to scrimp on.

Well, that’s perfectly fine. We all seem to have that little something that we’re just not willing to give up. For some it’s photos, for others, it’s coffee paraphernalia. Almost all of us have our little simplicity foil…that thing or things that seem to go against our efforts to simplify. Read more…

First, A Big Announcement!

Okay, we’re sharing some big news on this show…our first book, Super Mom vs Supermom: Simplicity Tips for Busy Moms, A Simple Life Guide to Getting Organized, Finding Margin, and Embracing Simplicity for Moms is done! Well, done enough! We’ll be updating the cover any day now, but it will be live in the Kindle Store at hopefully on Saturday, 8 March 2014.

So, we’re posting the final draft, minus the cover art, on the Edit & Forget It Challenge Facebook page for the next 3 days, so you can have a look or download the DRAFT pdf free there.

If you’re not a member of E & F you can always sign up for free at You’ll receive an email with directions on how to join the Facebook page.

We ask that you do us a big favor and review the book on (we’ll post the link to the book on the Facebook Edit & Forget It Challenge page, and here on the website, as soon as the book is “live” on Amazon).

So here are some of our goals we had in mind with the book:

  • This one is “mom” focused but has great info for everyone. So, even if you’re not a mom, we’d love for you to have a look!
  • We wanted to keep it short but packed with info! Minimal fluff. 
  • Most people aren’t inclined to read a 300 page simplicity book!
  • Like we said, it’s the first in our series of “Simple Life Guides for Less Than a Latte”, so it’s priced at $4.99 for now…until the price of lattes goes up! We think that’s a great deal and hopefully others will too! 
  • Of course, we’re giving you complete access to the draft on the FB page for the next 3 days, but if you’d like to purchase the book on Amazon when it’s available, that would be especially great!
  • We ask that you do us a big favor and please review the book on, too. Amazon rankings are directly tied to reviews and downloads. So, the more purchases and the more reviews, the more exposure the book gets, and the more likely people are to find it! Again, we’ll post the link to the book on the Facebook Edit & Forget It Challenge page, and here on the website, as soon as the book is “live” on Amazon.
  • Most people who read it won’t be current listeners or readers so the book has lots and lots of links to our shows and Vanessa’s videos. Therefore, most of the info will be new to them.
  • So, all told there’s about 96 pages of written content, with access to around 50 hours of audio podcasts, and a bunch of topical videos related to the written content.
  • Of course we hope for glowing reviews, but be honest. If you see any glaring mistakes, please opt to let us know personally by email, versus an Amazon review. You can reach us by email
  • We have plans for more Simple Life Guides, and you can read more about that in the book!

OK, so this is our first book and book launch. We KNOW we’re going to make some mistakes along the way with it but we’d really, really appreciate all your help.

Finally, anything you can do to help make the book a success would be awesome and so, so appreciated! We wouldn’t have the confidence to even do this without your support! So, as soon as you have it, please feel free to share the Amazon link with your Facebook friends, tweet it out, or gift the book to a mom you know could use it.

Topic: What’s Your Simplicity Splurge?

OK, We’ll Go First…

So we thought we’d share some of our splurges with you, and maybe talk about some of the feelings that can rise up around that little splurge. Some people feel like it’s a weakness, others feel like it’s a reward.

  • Dan’s simplicity splurge: Hot sauce and spicy foods
  • Vanessa’s simplicity splurge: Upgrading to more quality items (whether it’s a new purchase or rep
    • We’ve gotten better as slowing down what we let into our lives and have made a conscious decision to bring in more quality goods if and when we need to.

How Do You Feel About Your Simplicity Splurge?

Do you find yourself struggling with having a simplicity splurge despite all your simplifying and editing?

  • Are you questioning your commitment?
  • Do you staunchly defend it?
  • Do you avoid talking about it?

Are you feeling guilt about your simplicity splurge? If so, you may want to analyze your priorities. Is your splurge interfering them? If so:

  • Maybe it’s too much of a splurge?
  • Maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit for what you’ve accomplished so far in your journey?

If your splurge isn’t interfering with your goals, maybe it’s:

  • A good healthy way of having balance in your simple life!
  • Maybe it’s a little reward that you should enjoy for all your simplifying efforts?

Major Takeaway

So the major takeaway here is this: Most likely, you’re splurge is okay, and well deserved. Take a good look. Is your splurge, your little foil to your life of simplicity causing you guilt or getting in the way of your priorities? If not, then drop the self imposed guilt trip. If it IS getting in the way, think about why your behavior hasn’t changed and set up a plan to get back on track.


So, what’s your simplicity splurge? Is it a healthy one and and more like a little reward for all your efforts, or is it undermining your priorities? We’d love to know. We’d love to know.

 Be sure to leave a comment below.

Qs & Comments Segment:

Karen left us a nice voicemail of the website: Audio

Erik left us a nice comment on the website. Here’s just some of what he said:  “Hi guys.   I was so happy to discover your podcasts and to find a community of folks who have similar outlook.  My partner of 27 years and I have decided to downsize and simplify.  …We are super excited about our life changes and your podcasts and WEB site are providing us valuable resources and affirmation that we are not alone in our pursuit of a simpler life. Thanks again!”


  • I’m working with our friend Joel Zaslofsky of Value of Simple on the SimpleRev simplicity summit.  SimpleRev will be 200+ passionate simple-living advocates. Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist will be there, too! To learn more, just go to or
    • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Date: October 3-4, 2014
    • Venue: University of St. Thomas Downtown Campus
  • Joel put together a fantastic page on where you can find all your transportation options, lodging, what to do, how to get around…everything a conference attendee would like ask about the area at
  • Special thanks to all of you who’ve left reviews for us on iTunes. It really does help people find the show.
    • If you’d like to leave a review, just go here on iTunes and click “View in iTunes”, launch iTunes, and then click “Write a Review.”

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