PUW 66 Listener's Digest, with Alex Sharp
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Former super listener and current Director of Mastermind at Shared Practices joins George today. Their experiences collide as each shares his own digest of the best takeaways from listening to (and creating) Practice Under Water.

The Ninja Selling Podcast
The Ninja Selling Podcast
Garrett Frey and Matt Bonelli
Taking Action on Business Plans
As we approach the end of November, ‘Business Planning Month’, it’s time to look at how to put these plans into action for the coming year. Far too often, these plans are created and then relegated to a drawer where they are seldom, if ever, looked at again. Today, Matt and Garrett are here to show you how to make sure that this valuable document remains an active component of your business, allowing you to enjoy the success you so richly deserve. They begin by examining the need to consistently review the plan, and offer an insightful road trip analogy which demonstrates the value in making incremental changes as necessary throughout the year. They also offer some ideas on how to ensure your plan remains a priority, including accountability partners and quarterly breakdowns. They finish up by sharing yet another analogy, this time about guided missiles, which neatly sums up the value of keeping your business plan active all through the year, and checking on it regularly so that you can adjust your course when needed to reach your desired destination. Listen in today and plan on making next year a huge success. Episode Highlights: * Consistently reviewing your business plan * The road trip analogy * Making incremental adjustments to the plan as necessary * Some ways to ensure you prioritize your plan * Accountability partners * Quarterly breakdowns * The guided missile analogy Quotes: “You need to go into the year with that really solid plan.” “This is the journey that we’re going to go on, on this final destination we have twelve months out from now.” “They get so far off course that they’re not even on the trip anymore.” “Have somebody that is kind of involved in the journey with you.” “Use the calendar to your advantage when you’re looking at your business plan.” “Where am I right now, and where am I going?” “You’re in control of this whole thing.” “Be excited and don’t be scared of it.” “You’re in the driver’s seat.” Links: www.TheNinjaSellingPodcast.com Email us at TSW@TheNinjaSellingPodcast.com Ninja Selling www.NinjaSelling.com @ninjasellingofficial Ninja Coaching: www.NinjaCoaching.com @ninja.coaching Garrett garrett@ninjacoaching.com @ninjaredding Matt matt@ninjacoaching.com @matthewjbonelli
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The Remote Real Estate Investor
The Remote Real Estate Investor
Timeless Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals Getting Into Real Estate
Investing in real estate remotely can be intimidating when you are juggling a full time job, family and the host of responsibilities life throws at you. In this episode we give you 4 tips to make sure you get everything done and stay on track. --- Transcript Michael: Hey everybody, and welcome to another episode of The Remote Real Estate Investor. My name is Michael Albaum and today I'm joined by my co hosts, Tom: Tom Schneider, Emil: and Emil Shour Pierre: and Pierre Carrillo Michael: And today we're going to be talking about time management, something that's really important for most people, but especially important for those of us that are investing at a distance remotely, we're gonna be talking about some really practical things you can implement into your daily routine as an investor to help you manage some time. So let's get into it. Alright, guys, so we all know that time… Emil: Hold on, hold on, hold on, we got a special guest on this episode, I feel like he deserves a very, very warm welcome and introduction to our listeners. Michael: Pierre? Pierre: Hey, what's up? Michael: Can you give our listeners a little bit of background on who you are you pepper in some really great commentary in some of the episodes. But now you're going to be a full fledged host on this episode. Who are you? Pierre: Yeah, I've been lurking in the corners since the beginning here, typing in when something's relevant. But yeah, I'm the producer on the show. And just starting out in the real estate game with my brother currently. So I don't speak much because I don't have much experience in this space. But I'm just learning from you guys. And excited to get in on this stuff. Michael: Right on, we're stoked to have you. Tom: Fantastic, and a great episode to jump in on time management being juggling, like 10 different jobs with the podcast and Academy and getting your real estate investing stuff going like, yeah, excited to have your input on this episode. Pierre: Well, thanks. I need some of it too, because I have a weekly meeting with my brother. And we're always like, how do we use our time to really move this project forward? Because it's easy to just get stuck? Oh, let's analyze properties. Let's dive into this. But I think this is really going to be helpful. I'm going to definitely link my brother to this episode afterwards. Tom: That's like the theme of the hosts is what is it self serving. Pierre: Self serving? Tom: Selfish like, bring on guests we want to learn from… Pierre: Get your free consultation. Tom: Exactly. Michael: Love it. Awesome. So as we all know, life is very time consuming. And especially for those of us that have a nine to five or that are working day jobs, and then piling on kids and family responsibilities, and then adding on this layer of real estate investing. And for those who who are just learning that can feel like it's really time consuming. So we're going to walk through some strategies today that a lot of us have used personally, and so we can add some commentary into how it's been going. what's worked well, what hasn't worked well. But so we're gonna break this down in a couple different chunks. So, Emil, do you want to kick us off with the first strategy that folks can use to help manage some of their time? Emil: Yeah, I'd love to. So I've actually tried a lot of the other things that we've outlined in our doc here that we're going to go over. But the thing that has really stood the test of time for me has been planning out my days in advance. And the biggest actual, like action item from that is putting things in my calendar. So I find that whatever I need to get done that day, if it makes its way onto my calendar, I have a much, much higher likelihood of getting it done, than if it's just kind of floating around on a to do list or floating around in my brain. So it's like some psychological thing where I've put on the calendar, I have this accountability to myself, it's sitting right in front of me that notification comes up. So for me that's like, what I found to be one of the most helpful things and actually blocking things, setting aside a specific time to get them done. And getting them done. I think you can do there's a lot of stuff, I don't think it's just work, I think it can be, you know, in the context of real estate investing, if it's 30 minutes in your morning, right at 7:30am. Before you start work, whatever it is, to review properties or to read a real estate book, or a course you're in or whatever it is, whatever that action item for you is to keep progressing in your real estate investing, just blocking out that small chunk of time every day, I think is one of the best things I've found in terms of time management. Michael: So Emil, I've got a question for you because it's something that I know you and I have talked about in the past and I've been trying to get better at how far in advance do you set the time block? Or do you schedule your day? Is it a day before? Is it day of the week out? Emil: I used to be really good about like day before and I've slipped a little bit i think you know, as this is a bad excuse, but as more responsibility piles on I think it's like easier for those. It's just a habit I don't have anymore so I usually wake up I have my to do list. I'm like, What are the things I need to get done today? And then I'm usually just blocking them off throughout the day. But there's certain things and we're going to talk about it later than I've actually just become habits right like the first 30 minutes This is what I'm doing in the day. I don't even need a time block it. It's like those things that are happening every day become a habit versus a time block for me. Tom: Oh, do you set like recurring schedule? Or do you know when you're setting those time blocks any advice in the way that you're setting up? Emil: Yeah, so it's usually okay let's say I'm tackling things from my day, right? I need to whatever have some marketing campaign I need to get out the door that day. It's usually just like I'm blocking off Whatever chunk of time and I actually, I don't like to give myself gonna realistically take an hour, I'll just block off, usually try to block off 30 minutes, I've noticed that the longer the timeframe that that thing is blocked, you kind of just expand the time that it takes to get it done. So I like to keep things in like in small blocks, as well as one thing I found useful. Michael: Is that a humble brag for that you're really efficient. Emil No, a lot of times it goes over, but at least I'm like, it has a name. But like, whatever time you give yourself, you expand that fast. Yeah, whatever to just fill that time. There's plenty of times where I go past it. It's just I think more helpful to try to, I don't know, put less time than you think it'll take. And then if you need more, it's all good. Michael: Yeah, that makes total sense. All right, we move on. We want to tackle anything else. Emil: Yeah, that was it for me in terms of my biggest time management tool. Michael: Awesome. So moving on here, Pierre, you had this really killer name for what you're going to be talking to us about? You wanna jump in here? Pierre: Sure, yeah, I'm not going to be super innovative here. But it's just something that I find that works really well for me, and kind of every level of planning, say, like life goals or specific projects, but it's reverse chronology. It's where you identify what your end goal is going to look like, and then make a schedule working backwards from there. I feel like a lot of our strategies would overlap quite a bit. So I would use a meal strategy as well, to implement this reverse chronology. Say I have a project due by the end of the year, I know all the tasks that need to be done to make that project happen. So I'm going to plug in those time slots on my calendar to make sure that I have the time allocated properly…
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The Power Of Zero Show
The Power Of Zero Show
David McKnight
My Thoughts on the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2020
The Securing a Strong Retirement Act is a bipartisan bill currently working its way through the house and has major implications for everyone in the country. We are finally getting some relief from RMD’s. With life expectancy increasing they are looking at pushing out Required Minimum Distributions until the age of 75. This primarily benefits people of substantial means since the average person with money in their retirement accounts are withdrawing it above and beyond the minimum and well before age 75. Another interesting provision has to do with student loan debt. The new bill stipulates that people putting money towards paying down their student debt could have an equal amount of money put into their 401(k). It also says that if you have balances in your 401(k) or IRA you would be completely exempted from taking a Required Minimum Distribution. Seniors will also be able to count certain donations towards their RMD. Under the current law, there is a catch-up provision on the books. They are proposing that if you’re over the age of 60 you will be able to catch up even more. If you believe tax rates are going to be dramatically higher in the future than they are today this is an opportunity to put additional funds into a Roth IRA. There are massive expansions of the buckets into which we can contribute after-tax dollars and allow them to grow tax-free. The average person changes industries seven times over the course of their lifetime and another provision would help people get reconnected with 401(k) accounts that were forgotten or left behind. The biggest takeaway from this new bill is that you will be able to make more contributions to Roth 401(k)s and Roth IRA’s. The goal is not to get a deduction at historically low taxes, we want to pay the taxes at historically low levels so that when taxes are dramatically higher down the road we can take that money out tax-free. If you’re just out of college, this bill will be an opportunity for you to get a jump start on your retirement savings while you’re paying down your student loan debt at the same time.
11 min
Locked On Vols - Daily Podcast On Tennessee Volunteers Football & Basketball
Locked On Vols - Daily Podcast On Tennessee Volunteers Football & Basketball
Locked On Podcast Network, College Sports, College Football, College Basketball
Not good: Tennessee dismisses a key defender ahead of the Florida game
The Locked On Vols podcast is your daily show covering Tennessee football, brought to you by Josh Ward. Today's show begins with bad news: Tennessee outside linebacker Kivon Bennett has been dismissed from the team. Josh provides the details in segment No. 1 before discussing the Florida game and players' motivation. Hear from running back Eric Gray in the first segment. Josh then talks to Austin Price of Volquest.com about the Vols' latest decommitments in the 2021 class and what the staff is doing to try to finish strong in recruiting. @Josh_Ward on twitter Facebook.com/JoshWard Instagram.com/joshjward  Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors!  Built Bar Built Bar is a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar. Go to builtbar.com and use promo code “LOCKEDON,” and you’ll get 20% off your first order. Coors Light Get Coors Light in the new look delivered straight to your door at get.CoorsLight.com. BuiltGo BuiltGo is the perfect gel to take on the go to help you break through that well, whether you're in the middle of a long workday, on the golf course or pushing through a workout. Use promo code LOCKED to get 20% off your next order. --------------- Interested in advertising with Locked On Vols? Text ADVERTISING to 33777 or visit lockedonpodcasts.com/advertising Want to keep up on social media and send questions/comments? Follow these links: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Horns247 Podcasts: Longhorn Blitz, The Flagship, and State of Recruiting
Horns247 Podcasts: Longhorn Blitz, The Flagship, and State of Recruiting
The Flagship: Where things stand with Tom Herman's future at Texas
The loss to Iowa State not only sent the Longhorns' Big 12 title hopes out the window, it also could have impacted the future of the football program under Tom Herman's direction. On this week's episode of The Flagship Podcast, Horns247 columnist Chip Brown and managing editor Taylor Estes deliver the latest on where things stand with Herman's future at Texas and what is coming out of Urban Meyer's camp as a potential candidate to take over at Texas if the Longhorns choose to make a head coaching change. The Flagship weighs in on a potential timeline of when more clarity could come forward regarding Meyer's desire to return to coaching, in addition to what could be holding him back from re-entering the college football coaching game. Chip and Taylor also discuss the latest rumblings on players opting out at Texas following the news that both Sam Cosmi and Caden Sterns were entering the NFL Draft and foregoing the remaining games in 2020, plus what the opt outs means for the team with the Longhorns still having two regular-season games left on the schedule. The Flagship then shifts its focus to Love It or Leave It, with this week's topics focused on Urban Meyer, where's the motivation inside the locker room after being knocked out of the Big 12 title race and much more. Catch all of that and more on the latest episode of The Flagship Podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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