56. Branding Series Part 1 of 4: Determining Your Why
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Welcome to part one of the Studio 78 Podcast Branding Series! This four-part series will dive in to understanding your why, messaging, and building a website and provide resources, tools, and tips for getting started.


Part one of this series focuses on your why with Robyn from Robyn Young & Co. She is a branding strategist and creative with a strong vision and eye for creativity. In this episode, she defines what a brand is and how to differentiate between establishing a brand and applying branding elements. We dive into questions every business owner should answer about themselves to ensure their business is easily referable to others.

ACTION ITEM: At the end of this episode, pull out pen and paper and answer all of the questions she mentions.

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  • A brand is not just a logo and a website
  • It’s important to determine your focus to ensure your product or service is referable; meaning people know how to describe your business when talking to others
  • Questions she wants her clients to know the answer to:
    • What’s the purpose of the business?
    • Why does it exist?
    • What’s the change that you’re trying to make in the world, industry, or your customers life — in a really compelling way?
    • Is it the process that makes the business different or the product itself?
    • Is that difference important to your customer?
    • What is the deeper reason you want to dedicate your life to this?
    • Why did you select this product or service?
  • Choose one area to excel in first and then you can eventually start selling/providing other services/products
  • As a brand strategist, the elements that Robyn initially focuses on are:
    • Mission statement
    • Value prop
    • Market fit (where are the gaps you’re looking to fill in the market and how can you position yourself differently from your competitors so you’re really sticky?)
    • Who are you talking to? What’s your customer profile? What do we know about them? Possibly use existing brands that you know that they love to build a smart visual brand for yourself that will appeal to your customer base.
    • Core values: what roots you, your morals; as you’re looking for partnerships and employees, ask yourself do these people value the same thing that you value?
    • Vision statements: what’s the change you want to see in the world, industry, or your customers life
  • After research and strategy, you then can create your visual brand
  • Create a brand with purpose
  • Visual elements help communicate your brand
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