52. How to Discover Your Purpose and What To Do If You Feel Overwhelmed
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Kishshana Palmer is a focus and purpose coach who specializes in helping working women and entrepreneurs achieve clarity and focus toward entrepreneurial and life goals. She too struggled to find her passion and purpose and knows firsthand the frustrations of being unaligned with your purpose. After working in fundraising for years, she discovered her true calling in coaching and hasn’t looked back since. 

In this episode, we discuss simple steps career women can take to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and tips for anyone who may be struggling to make a career transition.

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  • Kishshana started out in fundraising and has led external affairs teams for several national nonprofit organizations
  • She did that for 16 years, and her focus was on fundraising, communications, marketing, and policy
  • For the past two years, she’s been an entrepreneur, and she has recently replicated the income that she was making while working for a corporation full-time
  • Her initial focus was fundraising because that was her expertise, but now she’s starting to pivot
  • Kishshana discusses how to not to make decisions or career moves from a place of needing money
  • Before jumping into entrepreneurship and spending money on entrepreneurial endeavors, think about what problem you are solving and how you are best positioned to solve it
  • Kishshana discusses the struggles she faced during her first year and how she learned to accept that she’s a coach
  • When she found herself overwhelmed, she took the following steps and asked herself these questions:
    • Take a life inventory; what is actually happening in your life?
    • What are you actually doing for money?
    • What are you actually passionate about?
    • What is your purpose?; is it singular or are there multi-purposes that you can weave together?
    • Map it out; use sticky notes, color pens, etc.
  • She found that she is a focus and purpose coach that helps entrepreneurs and career women figure out what their next steps are
  • Her advice if you’re feeling overwhelmed:
    • Stop wherever you are and take a moment of gratitude
    • Really take inventory of where you need the most help; how can you move the needle
    • Look at the small wins; did you approach it with joy
  • Advice for career women who feel stuck:
    • Get with someone who can help you access your career objectively
    • Line up that career inventory with what’s happening in your life
    • Ask yourself these self reflection questions: Do you have a work sponsor? Who’s your work mentor? Have you moved beyond mentorship? What does that look like? How do you find it?; Set up a cultivation and stewardship plan for your own career
    • What are you doing to say yes to yourself?
  • Favorite resources: planner, online business manager, planner tools, CPA, VA, graphic designer, developer, and online communities
  • TIP: Really learn the tools you invest in
Kishshana Palmer

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