50. How To Work a Room + How To Market Your Business
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Dawn Campbell has been my friend for, hmmm, let’s just say many years, and she is the epitome of an extrovert and social butterfly (although she begs to differ). Aside from her amazing social skills, Dawn is a program manager for local radio station in Florida and a marketing master. She has given me plenty of marketing advice during the years, and now I get the pleasure of having her share some of that advice with you.

Dawn shares some of the ways to spark conversation during social gatherings and also how to create a brief marketing pitch to prepare yourself for any situation. As a fellow creative, I understand the struggles of marketing content, but I also understand its importance to developing a successful business. I hope Dawn’s advice gives you a light-bulb moment or provides more tools for your marketing toolkit. 

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  • When in social environments, try to find a common thread to start conversations
  • To end a conversation, offer to exchange contact information
  • Marketing Tips
    • Figure out who’s your target market
    • Find out where they are and use surveys to find out what their needs are
    • Develop a product or service that can connect you and the consumer
  • How To Expand Your Reach
    • On social media forums, provide a promo that says tag “X” number of friends on this post to help expand your network
    • Consider offering periodic raffles, if it makes sense for your business
  • If you have an event, consider having a workshop so attendees leave with actionable tasks
  • “Make it about the consumer” – Dawn
  • Dawn has worked as a program director for a radio station in Florida for several years; before that, she worked in the promotion department for another station
  • Consumer Touch Points
    • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
    • Google yourself or business (website, articles, etc.); figure out what people are seeing when they search for you or your business
    • Face-to-face connections at events (have a one minute elevator pitch ready)
    • Print: fliers, business cards, swag, etc.
    • Tip: Make sure you have a call to action
  • During face-to-face engagement, offer this:
    • What you provide, i.e. product, service, and/or speciality
    • Ways of continued engagement, i.e. phone number, social media, or email
    • Why they should care; the “why” helps people remember you and the importance of keeping in contact with you
Dawn Campbell

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