28 Kathleen Gage
37 min
Kathleen Gage - Trends and Shifts Kathleen Gage is a consulting coach moving onto her 2nd act in life with incredible veracity. She left her corporate job over 20 years ago to become an entrepreneur through her business consulting firm, Turning Point, Inc.  Kathleen markets her customer's package to reach more of their market in a successful way. Over the past 20 years she has discovered her key to success: Do what you really enjoy and make that your foundation for success and along the way you will discover you can make your own game and create your own rules. Kathleen Gage on Solopreneurs and Building a Support Team Solopreneurs run their business individually but with a support team. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make is trying to do it all. You will bottle-neck your own business. To be successful you must figure out your skill set, find out what you should be doing with your business and have a support team to do the rest. Support is critical to your success. You are the spear-head for your enterprise but you must have a staff to support it. The solopreneur is the visionary and keeps the team on track. The support team does the busy work. Remember even though your team may love you and be committed to your success most are not high-level entrepreneurs. You cannot expert your team to have the same level of passion you do for your business. Kathleen organizes her teams with weekly meetings to consider projects she has a vision for. Tasks are assigned and teams or individuals report back on progress, obstacles, and budget. There is a lot of communication. With her high-level clients Kathleen meets with their teams to ensure they understand the objectives of her client, assign tasks and provide weekly reports based upon the needs she has identified for her clients through her 20 years of experience. Passion is the foundation for success - Kathleen Gage Kathleen Gage Identifies Trends, Shifts and News-jacking Business owners must understand their industry, market and clients. They must take notice of financial and economic trends as well as business and personal trends. you cannot rely upon what worked even a month ago if there has been a shift. A lot of people hold on to the belief there entire on-line marketing can be email marketing. In actuality, there is an average open rate of 8-12%n and the click through rate is even lower. If you are relying on email marketing you are making a big mistake. Figure out what it is that really juices you up and gets you excited... then have the courage to go out and do it! - Kathleen Gage A current trend is "news-jacking". Use the Super Bowl as an example. There were millions upon millions upon millions of tweets with certain keywords. If someone were to news-jack, which is a hot way to build a list and get in front of your market, they would write a blog post specific to something going on in the Super Bowl. They would hashtag those keywords and do tweets around their blog.  That's a trend that lets your ride the wave of someone else's popularity for your own gain. Kathleen Gage encourages her clients to stay current within their industry and their client's industry and and social media trends. She warns to be careful of BSOS or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Don't jump on everything that comes along and spread yourself too thin. Take a look at your results, those can tell you a lot about your success. Kathleen Gage - Taking Risks The more visible you are the more you set yourself up for criticism. Remember, no matter what you do, you are going to be criticized. When you become visible, take a position and have a point of view you will have those who love you and those who don't want anything to do with you. A key to success is the willingness to polarize your market and take a stand. When you are criticized, that's good. It means you are out there and people are talking about you. do what you believe in, move forward, stay true to your message and yourself.
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