20 Melissa Krivachek – Briella Arion
35 min
Melissa Krivachek - Author, Coach and Speaker! Melissa and I got together to talk about her incredible story from being in jail, not able to pay her bills, to just four short years later speaking on large stages all over the world. She is an author and successful business coach and, oh yeah, she isn't even 30 yet. She exudes confidence. While she is still young in age, she has developed quite a following and has an incredible passion for success. She loves conveying her message and coaching others looking for an edge. Melissa is a two-time International Best-Selling Author and Award Winning Entrepreneur. She speaks to and coaches entrepreneurs from all walks of life, in multiple industries around the world. If you're fully committed to taking your business, and bottom line to the next level she would love to help. Watch the video below to learn more. During this interview, Melissa talks about the incredible success she's had in a very short amount of time. She answers a couple great questions about success that she teaches in her coaching classes that really help realize and focus on your strengths so that you have a more productive, happier and successful life. She shows you how to properly identify what you passions are and how to monetize those passions. Melissa, like most of us, started her business from nothing, but she is seeing a ton of success. She dove head first into social media as a way to create a brand that people are resonating with her message in a big way. She was challenged at first living with him home at the age of 22 with a huge pile of debt, living at home with her parents and with no direction in life. While she was being constantly reminded of all the negativity surrounding her life, she made a conscious decision to overcome the hurdles and open her mind to positive change. "In order to stay motivated, you need to take care of yourself". The way in which she approaches her business is nothing short of inspirational. She works hard every single day pushing out relevent content in a consistent manner. She truly enjoys helping others find their passion and monetizing their passion through a detailed coaching syllabus. She breaks down the challenges and barriers to enter the world of entrepreneurism in an easy to follow format that is very easy to understand. She makes starting out fun and simple by following the steps based on her personal experience. Melissa made her mark online by consistently posting personal messages across all her social media sites. She beleives that everyone should really personalize their online messages. The reason is because people do business with people. Whether she's posting information about her upcoming speaking engagement or goes out jogging, she makes sure that she shares this with all her followers. She spends a lot of time on social media because that is where most people find her. She does want to make it clear that while she does a lot on social media, you don't have to be spending hours a day online. She recommends blocking out your newsfeed on Facebook to help prevent distractions. You can have it all... all at the same time. Melissa Krivachek Some of the different topics Melissa specializes in: Sales Training Social Media Coaching Secret Facebook Training Group Content Creation and much more... Melissa Wrote Three Books in the Span of One Year. Be Ballsy:How Not To Suck At Love, Success And Happiness. Available In: PDF, MP3, Paperback or Kindle Released: January 15, 2014 - BUILD THE STRONG, DEEPLY POWERFUL LOVE, SUCCESS, & HAPPINESS YOU'VE ALWAYS DESIRED. We all crave love, success, and happiness. But oftentimes, achieving extreme levels in any one much less all three areas of life can be overwhelming. Now in Be Ballsy, Melissa Krivachek explains lesson by lesson how to move beyond our fears and experience the true hidden potential we all have lying dormant within. By integrating each of Krivachek's lessons,
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