13 Carey Green Email Marketing Success Story
49 min
Carey Green is a retired Pastor who's become a serial entrepreneur. As with most entrepreneurs he feels that he's got way too many ideas, but loves putting his wildly diverse skill set to working making at least some of them become reality. But he insists it's a blast and he wouldn't trade it for anything. Though he's open to all possibilities, he never wants to work a regular J-O-B again. Ever. The freedom and family time he gets by working for himself, from home, is something he never wants to give up. He's got two main financial goals at this point: #1- Earn a living through his online efforts in a way that provides time for his real passion, marriage and family coaching through Christian Home and Family. #2 - Make enough income to give away at least $10,000 in 2015. Thinking of being a blessing to people in tangible ways motivates Carey more than anything else. For him, it's not about the money, it's about the good he can do in the world with the money. Carey is on the show because of some success he's had in a recent email marketing campaign that he put together himself. He's not a marketer, has no training in sales, and has never felt himself to be a salesman at all. In fact, he's tried sales-based jobs twice and failed miserably both times. But his recent email campaign has gotten -him better results than he's ever had in any kind of advertising or marketing. His actual conversion rate for the mail campaign - not click-throughs, but actual "clients-who-gave-him-money" conversion rate is at 6.23%. How does that compare to averages? It depends on how you calculate it... and everyone seems to do it differently. But the most optimistic averages seem to be a click-through rate of 3.3% (http://goo.gl/u0xMsy). So Careys' campaign outpaced the averages, especially when you consider that his numbers are on actual sales, not just click-throughs. Today Carey is going to share everything he believes went in to his higher average and give tips about how to think differently about email marketing. We cover "The 7 Steps to Carey Green's Email Marketing Success". Here's what Carey talks about: Step 1: How he gets niche-specific leads Step 2: Which would he rather use to contact potential clients, website contact form or email? Step 3: What goes into his subject line? Step 4: The main things to focus on when composing the email (the recipient is a PERSON, care for them, email tone, clearly defined benefits, keep it brief) Step 5: The power of the first line in the email - make it personal and relevant. Step 6: Giving the message the right "tone." Step 7: Call to action. As a "bonus" to listeners of this episode Carey's providing an exclusive link to a blog page that contains the exact email he sent to potential clients with explanations of what he did and why he did it. He also discusses the tweaks he made to the email as he went along and how he personalized it to each recipient. There's a PDF download of the information as well, so feel free to grab your own copy. Get your "BONUS" here: PodcastFastTrack.com/Pine Some of the bootstrap business projects Carey's got going on are: Podcast Fast Track (www.PodcastFastTrack.com) - a podcast production company that sells two primary things: Time and Professional podcast audio. Beyond that he outsources other services for podcasters including show notes, voice-over, unique music, and video repurposing. He's also in the process of working out a deal to provide a "Podcast Guest Search" service to help podcasters find those expert guests that can make their episodes sizzle even more. Pass the Safe Exam (www.PassTheSafeExam.com) - after retiring from church work Carey studied and tested to become a Mortgage Loan Originator in the U.S. Within days of beginning his studies he realized that there was a huge demand for study help for the required S.A.F.E. test. So he created a video "study methods" course teaching wanna-be Loan Officers HOW to s...
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