87 Liz O’Donnell Balancing Life and Career
26 min
Liz O'Donnell Guest host Mark Haffner welcomes Liz O'Donnell to the show today. Liz is a successful writer, entrepreneur and intrapraneur. She focuses on how today's working woman balances home life and career. Liz shares her personal success of juggling home life, career, volunteering, care-giving and writing in Liz O'Donnell, Balancing Life and Career. Liz in Day Parts In the morning Liz O'Donnell is a writer and a blogger. In 2016, Liz the writer wrote Mogul, Mom and Maid. A book about the challenges of a working mom and how home life impacts careers. As her parents have aged, she has moved into the role as caregiver. Liz blogs about working daughters and balancing job and caregiver at workingdaughter.com. Liz then moves to her day job at Double Forte a PR, marketing and social media firm. At night she changes hats to mom, caregiver and local supporter of women entrepreneurs in Boston through She Starts. Relevancy People are bombarded with so many social media platforms, different forms of advertising everywhere they look and the 24 hour news channels that the saturation level is crazy. The more relevant you can make what you are doing, the more impactful it will be. Tweet Liz's Episode 86 Liz the "Intrapraneur" Liz O'Donnell works as the Sr. VP at Double Forte. She describes herself as an entrepreneur but also likes the security of her day job where she describes herself as an "intrapreneur".  Liz has worked on and off with her boss Lee for over 25 years. It's a great fit for her. It's a another example of how life and work meld together. If you would like to learn what Liz O'Donnell says next about leaving corporate America and 10-12 hour work days for an entrepreneurial future, then download and listen to the Mark's episode 86 of Stop Riding the Pine. Connect with Liz O'Donnell If you want connect with Liz O'Donnell, then check out her links below and remember she welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries! Don't forget to mention you heard about Liz on Stop Riding the Pine:-) Liz on LinkedIn Liz's book, Mogul, Mom & Maid Boston Women Entrepreneurs site Working Daugher blog Here are the highlights of my conversation with Liz O'Donnell if you are in a hurry: Who is Liz O'Donnell? (3:50 Mark) What does Liz say about authenticity? (7:00 Mark) How does Liz view marketing? (9:40 Mark) Talking about parenthood (14:30 Mark) Liz's Break Away Moment (19:30 Mark) Liz gets a ejected from a hockey game! (23:00 Mark) Special Mentions: (iTunes Shout Out) Sandy Wiener Thank you to Alexis Ayala, for providing the incredible editing for this episode. If you need to find an audio editor, send Alexis an email at lex@slapshotstudio.com. Thank you to our awesome sponsor, Interview Valet, A professional concierge guest booking podcast service for hosts and guests - You be the Guest, We do the Rest! Check out their new website at InterviewValet.com. This episode of Stop Riding the Pine Podcast was brought to you by DoneForYouWP.com Are you a busy coach, professional or agency looking to have your WordPress website headaches handled by your very own development team for wholesale prices? Then you should visit DoneForYouWP.com to find the solution that best fits your current challenges with a full-scale approach to managing your WordPress website. Stop Riding the Pine is a lot of fun and we love sharing the shows we've done. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us grow this show by not only downloading the episodes, but also sharing them. Leave comments and rate our show so we can make the show even better.
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