70 Dennis Washington – Content Marketing
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Dennis Washington - Content Marketing Dennis Washington - Content Marketing. Dennis grew up and remains in Alabama. Dennis developed a love for weather as a kid which led to his becoming a meteorologist and a tornado chaser for the local TV station in Birmingham, Alabama. During his work as a tornado chaser, he discovered his calling and desire to help people. Dennis Washington was in charge of everything digital at the station, the website, app and social media. About ten years ago he began to see the writing on the wall for how people were consuming content, entertainment and consuming news. Share Dennis' Episode 70 on Twitter Mainstream Marketing Today You cannot connect directly with your customer with traditional media. You have to buy access through advertising. The internet allows you to bypass the traditional media platforms and go directly to your customer and filter out those not interested in your product and provide content in a targeted fashion. The internet and all the platforms on the internet are an amazing way to have a two way social stream. Traditionally through newspaper or TV, it's a one way stream. You receive the news how it is being fed to you. Now, you can pick and choose who you want to get your news from and more importantly you can communicate back to them directly. Content Marketing Strategy The first step is to find your target audience. Not everyone is interested in your product so don't try to target everyone. Don't pretend to be something you are not. Dennis has discovered he is really good at live streaming. He is a content marketer but he's not the go to guy for LinkedIn or Snapchat. Dennis has discovered it's OK not to be the expert at everything, you need to niche down. When you are very specific about what you are good at, your customers will respond more favorably to you. If you would like to learn what Dennis Washington  says next about content marketing, listen to the episode by clicking on the download or the play button at the top of this article. To connect with Dennis Washington - Content Marketing, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries! Don't forget to mention you heard about Daniel on Stop Riding the Pine:-) Dennis Washington's Website Dennis on LinkedIn Dennis on Twitter Youversation Podcast Here are the highlights of my conversation with Dennis Washington - Content Marketing if you are in a hurry: Who is Dennis Washington? (3:27 Mark) Connecting directly with customers (10:15 Mark) How critical is "social" in social media? (14:31 Mark) Content marketing and menus analogy? (23:19 Mark) How does Dennis market himself? (29:24 Mark) What was Dennis' break away moment? (37:42) Special Mentions: (iTunes Shout Out) MarkSmith111. Thank you to Alexis Ayala, for providing the incredible editing for this episode. If you need to find an audio editor, send Alexis an email at lex@slapshotstudio.com. Thank you to our awesome sponsor, Interview Valet, A professional concierge guest booking podcast service for hosts and guests - You be the Guest, We do the Rest! Check out their new website at InterviewValet.com. This episode of Stop Riding the Pine Podcast was brought to you by Done4YouWP.com Are you a busy coach, professional or agency looking to have your WordPress website headaches handled by your very own development team for wholesale prices? Then you should visit Done4YouWP.com to find the solution that best fits your current challenges with a full-scale approach to managing your WordPress website. Stop Riding the Pine is a lot of fun and we love sharing the shows we've done. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us grow this show by not only downloading the episodes, but also sharing them. Leave comments and rate our show so we can make the show even better.
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