63 Manny Wolfe Overcoming Obstacles to Find Success
33 min
Who is Manny Wolfe? After a lot of practice and condensing, Manny shared his background. From the beginning, born in the winter of 1967 into a new age cult. Within that cult, Manny was essentially force fed a doctrine. The key components of this doctrine were highly anti-social in nature. He was taught as a young boy that money is the key instrument of satan and he is going to overthrow the world. He was also taught that he shouldn't want anything from the outside world and they, meaning the people outside of the cult, weren't to be trusted. Share episode 63 with Manny Wolfe on Twitter There was massive orwellian subversion of language. Within the walls of the cult, Manny would talk and everyone understood what he was saying. The second he was placed into a public school, because of the way he spoke, Manny got into many fights. One of the hallmarks of a cult is that if you subvert phrases, make language mean something different that what's socially understood, you can effectually cut off people's ability to connect with other people. That was Manny's childhood in about 30 seconds. Manny's cult moved the entire community to Stockton, California. Stockton doesn't have a great reputation and has constantly ranked in the top 10 for the most violent cities in America. Manny was only eight years old when he relocated to the city. From the ages of eight to twelve, Manny was in hundreds of fights because he was different. He lived in, what a therapist later identified, a fight or flight mentality for those years. At 12 years old, Manny moved from the bad south side to the north side where there wasn't as much violence around him, but he never had any parental supervision. Manny Wolfe Talks About Why Ninja's are Awesome! Manny and his friends were really into ninja's in his teens. They would dress up in homemade ninja costumes with little wooden weapons "ninja attached" to us. They would practice their "stealth skills" or ninja training by leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Manny couldn't believe that his parents let him get away with this. Because of the lack of parental guidance, his experiences led him to a life of drugs, drinking and jail. Manny learned very quickly how to be inconspicuous. At 28 he had a life-changing moment. Manny was completely strung out on speed and alcohol. When Manny got out of jail, he went to his friend's house and his friend thought he had seen a ghost. His friend went on to tell Manny that while he was in jail, one of the people running in Manny's circle took all of his stuff. This guy made up an elaborate story about how Manny ratted everyone out. When people saw Manny they freaked out because they all thought he ran away instead of going to jail. What he realized during this time, Manny realized that he could just go away. Especially with people wanting to literally kill him. One thing led to another, Manny found himself talking to another dangerous guy holding two untraceable hand guns. Manny was looking at the handle of the gun seeing where the serial number had been filed off. It was so viceral, he remembers feeling how heavy the gun was and the smell of the oil on the handgun was forever imprinted in his memory. He was making plans to go and kill this guy that spread the rumors about Manny. At that moment or very shortly thereafter, Manny had, what they call in recovery world, what alcoholics refer to as a "moment of clarity". It was a BIG "moment of clarity". Manny was standing with this dangerous guy going through all the motions of acting like a tough guy. Internally, he felt like he was made of glass and he just shattered. He knew two things at that moment. One, don't break character, don't let this dangerous guy know he was so scared and two, as soon as he lives, Manny was gone. Manny told the dangerous guy to come back at midnight and they will go do this thing. He gave Manny a big ball of speed. Manny did the drugs and started making phone calls.
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