57 Tom Schwab – The Business Accelerator
33 min
Tom Schwab The Online Business Accelerator Surprisingly the first job Tom Schwab the Online Business Accelerator held out of college was running a nuclear power plant! He sees the world from an engineer's perspective. Tom sees there are problems to be solved and wants to know how can we build better engines and that is how he builds all of his businesses. Great online businesses can be built anywhere and the fuel to run your online engine is content. How does Tom filter through all of the online noise for effective marketing? Tom says not to find your answer online but rather find the oldest business owner you know and ask them for their advice. Share on Twitter The foundations that our grandparents and great-grandparents built successful business on was trust and value. Those same strategies are successful today. Now look at which tools in the modern age will work for you. Think about where your customers are and how to connect, communicate and serve them. Pick your tools with what works best for you. Use a lot and measure what works best. A good blog will convert readers to leads at about 1-2%. For instance, Tom had a client that had a great story to tell. Tom wanted to get him on a podcast to drive business to his website. Tom was blown away that his client's conversion rate was 25-50% better than with blogs! For every 4 people that came to the website, anywhere from 1-3 were filling out a form or engaging with him. The strategy is how to get on a podcast and talk to your ideal customers. How can you tell your story? How can you get them to know, like and trust you? How can you give them reasons to come back to your website and engage you? There is no greater return on investment than taking listeners and turning them into leads. - Tom Schwab What Makes Tom Schwab an Expert? The legal definition is someone by virtue of their education, experience and training who knows more than the average person. Tom Schwab The Online Business Accelerator is not the only expert, he is just one. You have three types. The first are those with degrees like PhD's.  The people are hard to relate to and generally do not do well on podcasts. The second is the veteran. The veteran is the person who has been through it all with the wounds and the stories to go with their experiences. Veterans tend to do great on podcasts. The third type is the Sherpa. They are going through and experiencing it right now. They have the same challenges and the questions that their listeners do. Even though you are working through this you are an expert and you need to share your experiences and questions with others. What is ordinary to you is amazing to others. Tom Schwab encourages everyone to be interviewed on podcasts and share what you know. Just by being a guest on Stop Riding the Pine, Tom has become an expert to the listeners because Jaime Jay views Tom as an expert. Tom says his goal on every podcast is to make the host look like a genius for having him on. It's of great value for interviewer and host alike. If you want to learn more about or connect with Tom Schwab The Online Business Accelerator, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries! Don't forget to mention you heard about Tom on Stop Riding the Pine:-) Tom Schwab's Website Connect with Tom Schwab on LinkedIn Tom Schwab on Twitter Special Mentions: (iTunes Shout Out) Keith Ledig Thank you to Alexis Ayala, host of the Friends and Family podcast, for providing the intro for this episode. Here are the highlights of my conversation with Tom Schwab the Online Business Accelerator if you are in a hurry: Who is Tom Schwab? (3:34 Mark) What does Tom Schwab think has the greatest return on investment? (8:50 Mark) Tom Schwab defines 3 types of experts. (10:46 Mark) How does Tom Schwab connect with the ideal customer? (14:45 Mark) What was Tom Schwab's break away moment? (24:40 Mark)
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