45 Justin Verrengia – The Hippie Jedi
40 min
Justin Verrengia - The Hippie Jedi and Freedompreneur Justin Verrengia comes out of his mother's womb and he is from the planet earth... after a hearty chuckle, we got into Justin's real background. Justin totally believes in freedom... financial freedom. He is a self described "freedompreneur". A couple years ago, Justin was struggling financially and he tapped into his inner voice and generated a lot of money. He started paying it forward after he found his unusual success. He has his own podcast where he talks to other "wierd" entrepreneurs and finds out what drives them to succeed. Share on Twitter He believes success is more of a belief rather than having a technical foundation like knowing where to place an ad. His mission is to awaken the mentally dead. He wants to help people find their spiritually by awakening their pineal gland, the third eye. He did a video all about the pineal gland. The pineal gland is positioned between a person's eyes. It's shaped like a pine cone and that's why people will see the pine cone represented in so many places like the Vatican. The third eye is one of the biggest cover ups in history because it simply isn't talked about. The third eye is one of the seven chakras in the human body. Justin went to a David Wilcock conference. A lot of time was spent talking about the pineal gland. Basically, Justin describes the fascination behind the pineal gland as a way to tap into higher powers and higher levels of consciousness that most of us don't even know exists. Based on Justin's research, he believes there has been a war on the pineal gland. There are things like sodium flouride which is in our drinking water and toothpaste. Flouride is just like cancer. Many people listening now have a completely calsified pineal gland due to their diet. However, there are things people can do like meditation, maintaining a good diet and drinking filtered water. Stop using flourinated toothpaste... it's poison (read the label). - Justin Verrangia Justin Verrengia - The Hippie Jedi Story People refer to Justin as "The Hippie Jedi". Justin hasn't cut his hair since he was living in China. He and his wife were making $1,200 per month teaching english in China. Justin was very introverted growing up. He gradually came out of his shell the more teaching he did. After living in China for 13 months, he and his wife saved up enough money to move to Costa Rica. Justin used to have a fade and he wanted to get his hair cut the same way. He showed the stylist a picture of how he wanted his hair to look and the stylist completely messed it up. So, Justin said he would never get another haircut again while he was in China. His philosophy carried over to Cost Rica and he hasn't cut his hair to this day. Thus, the "Hippie Jedi". When people see Justin, he rarely wears shoes unless he has a special event to go to. The Jedi aspect comes from his love of the Star Wars movies. Justin studied TaiChi, yoga and Kung fu. He identifies his appreciation for Star Wars and qui gon through "The Force" which is similar to the Tao. Justin really likes Star Wars... he likes it so much that he has a real light sabre. Well, not a "real" one, but it's made out of aircraft aluminum and enjoys playing "Star Wars" with his friends. Embrace your weirdness and people will relate to you even more. Justin Verrengia If you want to learn more about or connect with Justin Verrengia, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries! Justin Verrengia Website Weird Entrepreneurs Website Justin Verrengia Videos Connect with Justin Verrengia on LinkedIn Justin Verrengia on Facebook Follow Justin Verrengia on Twitter @justinverrengia (iTunes Shout Out) Jim Harshaw Here are the highlights of my conversation with Justin Verrengia if you are in a hurry: Who is Justin Verrengia? (2:40 Mark) What is Justin's attraction to the pineal gland? (4:50 Mark)
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