StarbaseUGC Presents Star Trek: Reliant
A group of former Foundry authors come together to create new stories in the world of Star Trek Online. Join, @Hippie (as GM, Writer, and Commander Cole, Ship’s Captain), @Bazag (as Technical Adviser and Ryk’tyr, Chief Engineer), @castmodean (as Quentin Reynolds, Science Officer), @aleniskendra (as Alenis Kendra, Chief of Security), @GrumpyOldNord (as Chaplain Whateley, Ship’s Counselor), @NickO’Connor (as Dr. Eli O’Connor, Chief Medical Officer), @DuncanIdahoe (as Marcus Graves, Executive Officer and Lt. Tartigrade, Security Officer), and @Jarylan (as Kara, Conn Officer) explore the unknown Delta Volanis Star Cluster.
StarbaseUGC Presents Star Trek: Reliant
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