175 Years of Scientific American: The Good, the Bad and the Debunking
31 min
We look back at some highlights, midlights and lowlights of the history of Scientific American, featuring former editor in chief John Rennie. Astrophysicist Alan Guth also appears in a sponsored...

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Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone
Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone
Ginger Campbell, MD
BS 178 Peter Sterling
This month's episode of Brain Science features neuroscientist Peter Sterling sharing the key ideas for his new book What Is Health? Allostasis and the Evolution of Human Design. In recent years neuroscientists have developed a growing appreciation of the predictive functions of the brain. Sterling takes this principle to the next level by asking what this means for human health. He argues that medicine's traditional focus on homeostasis ignores the much larger role of what he calls allostasis, which is a word he actually coined many years ago to capture the idea that the brain's predictive function is critical to health. His book explores the ancient origins of both allostasis and homeostasis with an emphasis on why recent changes in the human life style contribute to the health problems of modern life. One goal of this episode is to remind listeners that understanding how the brain works may be the key to our future survival. Links and References: * What Is Health? Allostasis and the Evolution of Human Design by Peter Sterling * Principles of Neural Design by Peter Sterling and Simon Laughlin * Peter Sterling (University of Pennsylvania) * Please visit http://brainsciencepodcast.com for additonal references and episode transcripts. Please Visit Our Sponsors: * TextExpander at textexpander.com/podcast * The Neurology Minute (podcast) from the American Academy of Neurology Announcements: * _Brain Science_ comes out on 4th Friday each month. * Support Brain Science by buying Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty by Virginia "Ginger" Campbell, MD. Autographed copies are now available. * Learn more ways to support Brain Science at http://brainsciencepodcast.com/donations * Sign up for the free Brain Science Newsletter to get show notes automatically every month. You can also text brainscience to 55444 to sign up. * Check out the free Brain Science Mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. (It's a great way to get both new episodes and premium content.) * Send email to brainsciencepodcast@gmail.com or post voice feedback at http://speakpipe.com/docartemis. Connect on Social Media: * Twitter: @_docartemis_ * Facebook page: _http://www.facebook.com/brainsciencepodcast_ Contact Dr. Campbell: * Email: brainsciencepodcast@gmail.com * Voicemail: _http://speakpipe.com/docartemis_
22 min
A Sustainable Mind - environment & sustainability podcast
A Sustainable Mind - environment & sustainability podcast
Marjorie Alexander
077: Kind Cup - Bringing Innovation to Menstrual Cups and the Feminine Hygiene Industry with Christine Brown
Kind Cup Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kindcup/kind-cup-the-innovative-menstrual-cup?ref=72obwi&token=02b39bee   Visit our site for a full transcript of this episode at www.ASustainableMind.com/077      Founder and designer of Kind Cup, Christine Brown, grew up in a small agricultural beach town in Southern California. A sixth-generation Carpinterian, Brown is a part-time avocado farmer, and American Sign Language teacher and advocate. Brown studied Critical Social Thought at Mount Holyoke College, and Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies for graduate school in Washington D.C. at Gallaudet University.     In this episode Marjorie and Christine Brown discuss: * How menstrual cups work and why they can be a much better alternative to tampons and pads. * How Christine came up with the idea for Kind Cup.  * The design elements that make Kind Cup unique. * Marjorie’s personal experiences with menstrual cups over the last 15 years and why she loves the Kind Cup design.  * What to consider when choosing a menstrual cup that works best with your body and lifestyle.   Resources from Christine Brown: * Direct Relief - Kind Cup's non-profit partner (DirectRelief.org) - Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. * Here is the press release about their work with Kind Cup https://www.kindcup.com/blogs/news/podcast-with-direct-relief-on-period-poverty * Intersectional Environmentalist Group (IntersectionalEnvironmentalist.com) - A platform for resources, information, and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement, led by environmental activists and sustainability advocates. * Put a Cup in It (PutACupInIt.com) - A collection of resources about reusable menstrual products overall and great general info if you are new to the conversation about menstrual cups * The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho   Connect with Christine Brown and Kind Cup: * Website: https://www.kindcup.com/ * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kindcup * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kind.cup/ * Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kindcup/kind-cup-the-innovative-menstrual-cup?ref=72obwi&token=02b39bee   Connect with Marjorie Alexander: * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asustainablemind/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/SustainableMind * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asustainablemind/ * Website: asustainablemind.com     Want to help us spread the word?   Post a screenshot of ASM in your favorite listening app and tag us on your Instagram story!   Subscribe, Rate & Review ASM on Apple Podcasts: ASustainableMind.com/Apple
41 min
DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast
DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast
Kira Dineen
#135 NSGC 2020 Recap
The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) hosted its annual conference virtually this past weekend with a new record for attendance. In this special extended installment of DNA Today we are recapping and reflecting on a few sessions from the conference.  Thanks to our sponsor for this episode, PhenoTips. Imagine a health record system designed specifically for genomics. Cause let’s be honest, electronic health records are not built for genetics. Now you can stop imagining and start using, because PhenoTips is just this! PhenoTips is the world’s first complete Genomic Health record system with pedigree drawing, standardized symptom capture, diagnostic insights and more, all in one place. Check them out at PhenoTips.com.  Timestamps Aishwarya Arjunan 1:30-24:20 Rebekah Hutchins 25:17-38:50 Courtney Studwell 38:50-53:05 Ashlyn Enokian 53:05-56:05 Presentations Recapped/Recommended Drawing the line with ECS: When does expanded carrier screening turn into excessive carrier screening? Live Tweet Threads by DNA Today and Aishwarya Arjunan  More Than Just Raising Our Voices: Confronting Injustices in Patient Care  Beyond common aneuploidies: Expanding existing chromosome testing technologies and subsequent prenatal care  Live Tweet Thread by DNA Today Transfer of Mosaic Embryos following PGT-A: Updates, Ethics, and Implications Live Tweets by DNA Today (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) 2020 Janus Lecture: Ovarian Cancer: A Model for Progress in Genetics Pariah or Pioneer? Stories of Expansion Into New and Emerging Genetic Counselor Roles Mastering the Art of Advocacy through Media Relations  The Panel Aishwarya Arjunan, MS, MPH, CGC, CPH graduated with degrees in genetic counseling and public health genetics from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 and was certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling in 2014. She currently works at Myriad Women's Health (formerly Counsyl), a women's health genetic testing and genetic counseling company, as the Clinical Product Manager for the Foresight Carrier Screen. Prior to joining Counsyl/Myriad, Aishwarya was a clinical genetic counselor at the Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics and Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital in the Department of Genetics, Birth Defects, and Metabolism. Within the Northwestern Genetic Counseling Program, Aishwarya is a core faculty member and serves as a thesis advisor/committee member and has participated in the Admissions Committee and Internet Resources Task Force. Aishwarya is actively involved with the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) as the 2019 co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and incoming Director At Large for the NSGC Board of Directors. She is also involved locally with the Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals (ISGP) and is a past-president of ISGP. At NSGC 2020 she was honored with the Leader in Cultural Advocacy Award. You can follow Aishwarya on Twitter.  Rebekah Hutchins, MS, GC is a perinatal genetic counselor. Currently, she practices at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and previously in Hawaii Pacific Health in Honolulu, Hawaii. She received her M.S. in Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College’s Joan H. Marks Program. Rebekah has always been passionate about social justice and identifying, dissecting and combating health disparities in marginalized communities. Now as a healthcare professional she identifies innovative ways to bridge those gaps in her work. During her time at Sarah Lawrence College, she developed a cultural competency course for genetic counselors which she has presented twice. You can follow Rebekah on Twitter.  Courtney Studwell, MS, CGC, MB(ASCP)CM is a licensed certified genetic counselor at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston and is also certified as a Technologist in Molecular Biology through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). She counsels patients in the CFMRG and participates in the development and management of genetic testing platforms in the CAMD. She earned her master's degree in Genetic Counseling from Boston University School of Medicine and undergraduate degree in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences from University of Connecticut. You can follow Courtney on Twitter.  Ashlyn Enokian, MS, GC is a prenatal genetic counselor at High Risk Pregnancy Center in Las Vegas, NV. Her journey into the field of genetic counseling began with advocacy work through Crisis Text Line and Help Pregnancy Crisis Aid. She worked as a genetic counseling assistant in cancer genetics at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital, pediatric genetics at the University of Michigan, and laboratory genetics at Progenity, Inc. Ashlyn was previously a genetics graphic design intern at My Gene Counsel. Her professional interests include prenatal, ART/fertility, education, and strategies to increase diversity in the field. She earned her B.S. in Biology and a minor in Criminal Justice from Grand Valley State University in 2017. Followed by her M.S. in Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College’s Joan H. Marks Program. You can follow Ashlyn on Twitter.  Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM is a certified prenatal genetic counselor at Maternal Fetal Care, PC in Stamford, CT. Kira also has 10 years of online media experience in digital marketing and podcasting/radio including 5 podcasts. She started her main show “DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast” in 2012 which became a radio show in 2014. The podcast has since produced over 130 episodes interviewing experts in the field. “DNA Today” recently won the People’s Choice Podcast Awards for the Best 2020 Science and Medicine Podcast. Kira is also the host of the PhenoTips Speaker Series, a live webinar interviewing genetic experts attend by over 700 genetic counselors around the globe. She writes a monthly blog series, “Explained By A Genetic Counsellor” for Sano Genetics. Kira was selected and currently serves as a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors’ Digital Ambassador program (#NSGCGenePool). She received her Diagnostic Genetic Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Connecticut and is a certified Cytogenetic Technologist. Kira received her Master’s of Science in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. You can follow Kira on Twitter.  Poster Presentations Conference Tips (Virtual & In-Person) Exhibit hall for networking, free genetics apparel, job board, professional and fun photos. Wear layers because lecture halls are freezing. Lunch sessions are free and sponsored by labs.  Prioritize select sessions to attend live, there is too much to do everything and you can watch later on demand until it expires January 15th.  Attend a Special Interest Group (SIG), you don’t have to be a member. Follow and join conversations on Twitter (#NSGC20 and #gcchat) Students, job hunt utilizing the job board (in the middle of the exhibit hall) and hand out your resume. If there is a meet up with a specific company/hospital you are interested in working with/at, then go check it out! Resources Be sure to check out all these resources mentioned during the episode.  JGC Task Force Report All the special issues Sign up for the Focus Groups Stay tuned for the next new episode of DNA Today on December 4th. New episodes are released on the first and third Friday of the month (except this week, thanks for waiting!). In the meantime, you can binge over 130 other episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, streaming on the website, or any other podcast player by searching, “DNA Today”.   See what else we are up to on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our website, DNApodcast.com. Questions/inquiries can be sent to info@DNApodcast.com.
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