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Kayvon K
Viktor E Frankl - Man's Search For Meaning (Audiobook)
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Thinking Critically
Thinking Critically
Intelligent Speculation
#28: Facts, Not Fear
In this episode, Jonathan is speaking with Arjun Moorthy about facts, not fear. They discuss: •Why he decided to found The Factual and its mission. •How context is important when presenting facts and the concept of framing. •The importance of looking at credible news sources that are from across the political spectrum. •How The Factual's algorithm rates news articles for bias. •The barrage of information that people are exposed to on a daily basis and how, due to lack of time, it overwhelms the average person to the point where they are unable to discern good from bad information. •American's growing distrust in traditional media sources. •The current state of polarization in the U.S. •And other topics. Arjun Moorthy is the Ceo and Founder of The Factual - a company that finds and delivers the most credible stories on the most important news topics using a transparent, unbiased machine-learning engine. The Factual aims to address the increasing polarization of society, driven in large part by social media, by surfacing the most credible stories across the political spectrum and delivering them via a daily email newsletter, app, and website. Prior to founding The Factual, Arjun was Vice President of Business Development at HubSpot, the industry leader in inbound marketing. Arjun has a computer engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Stanford University. You can find The Factual's website here: You can connect with them on social media here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: You can find this episode on our YouTube channel as well: This show is supported and produced by Final Stretch Media. Final Stretch believes in creating something that disrupts attention spans and challenges the marketing status quo. They do this by creating high quality visual content that captivates your audience. You can find them on: Facebook: Instagram: This show is also supported by QuikLee; the creators of Brain Racers. The world's first ever live racing competition for the brain. Download their app and play live on the weekends on an iOS device against the world. We have raced and it's a blast! App Download: Our last sponsor creates survival technology as well as camping and other outdoor gear. Outer Wild's ultimate goal is to provide clean technologies for everyday devices as they are driven to create a more sustainable world. Use the code IS on your next purchase and receive an additional 10% off! Website:
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