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Case #0092204

Statement of Anya Villette, regarding a cleaning job on Hill Top Road. Original statement given April 22nd, 2009.

Content Warnings for this episode are at the end of the show notes.

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Edited this week by Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall.


  •   "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims
  •    "Tim Stoker" - Mike LeBeau
  •    "Basira Hussain" - Frank Voss
  •    "Alice 'Daisy' Tonner" - Fay Roberts

Sound effects this week by OrbitalChiller, BehanSean, kforetek & previously credited artists via

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Content Warning for:

  •   spiders
  •     mental instability
  •     language
  •     body horror

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The White Vault
The White Vault
Fool and Scholar Productions
Episode 4.01 :: Ascent
Having examined the collected records, a new team is sent to Base Camp Piedra to search for answers and rescue possible survivors. Credits: Written by K.A. Statz Produced, Edited, with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff Executive Producer Bobby Fatemi Dialogue Editing by Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Strader Script Editing by W. K. Statz Translations in Spanish by Airam Liscano, Arabic by Haytham Alwan, Serbian by Tanja Milojevic Cast: The Documentarian – Hem Cleveland Eva Olivia Moreno – Diane Casanova Graham Casner - Peter Joseph Lewis Raimy Armstead - L. Jeffrey Moore Maheer Issa - Haytham Alwan Dragana Vuković - Tanja Milojevic Dr. Zhou Liu – Sophie Yang Dr. Karina Schumacher-Weiß - Kessi Riliniki Dr. Carito Ureta - Alli Smalley   “Base Camp Piedra" (Main Theme for Season 4) – Written and Performed by Brandon Boone, arranged by Travis Vengroff, with ocarina, guitar, additional percussion, and choir arrangement by Steven Melin. Performed by the Budapest Scoring Choir Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki This is a Fool and Scholar Production. We are a two person creative team and we can only create this show because of fan support! Please support us on Patreon:    Special Thanks to: Our Patreon supporters! | Carol Vengroff | David Cummings Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
31 min
Stellar Firma
Stellar Firma
Rusty Quill
Stellar Firma Behind the Scenes
Tim chats with editor Maddy Searle and producer Katie Seaton about making Stellar Firma.  Special thanks to this week's Patrons: Nick Vega, Tyler Dzuba, Pendragon, Becky Gregory, Rachel Meresman, Melissa, Connor Ferry, Wednesday, Briar and Brine, Oya, Omnia, Wonderwomeme, Sasha Radula S., Cinthya J, Isy, William Hess, Megan Lim, Maggie Hoffman, MizFrenchname, Floatingspacetrash, Andy Grimaldi, Erinna, Michael Prideaux, Naomi Taylor, Syn (pronounced sin), Piper, Gabe!, Nicole H., jadefyre, Joyful Joyous Joy, Amalie Kirstine, Sindri Mjölnir, Nathan Benson, The Critshow, noah ayers, Melanie Dalby, RubyDian, Haley, Hannah Meller, Skelechicken, Margaret, Emily Savage, Jessnewok, Gisela Navarro, Leah D, Steeve Kaye. If you'd like to join them, be sure to visit Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith Produced by Katie Seaton Executive Producer: Alexander J Newall Editing: Maddy Searle and Alexander J Newall Music: Samuel DF Jones Artwork: Anika Khan Subscribe using your podcast software of choice or by visiting and be sure to rate and review us online; it really helps us spread across the galaxy. Join our community:   WEBSITE:  FACEBOOK:  TWITTER: @therustyquill   REDDIT:  DISCORD:  EMAIL:  Stellar Firma is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International Licence.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
47 min
Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast
Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast
Rusty Quill
RQG 174 - Impact
Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as the Vengeance touches down. This week Hamid digs, Azu searches, Zolf keeps busy, and Cel finds a way. NOTE: This is a heavy episode, but we strongly urge listening to the episode fully as the ending is very important to the context. Content Notes: * Falling * Aircraft failure (inc SFX) * Graphic injury * Character deaths * Grief / Loss * Trauma Thanks to this week's Patrons: Laurel Buchanan, Maria Maksimova, Nikki, Seren Mist, Vince Nguyen, Asha Perry, DamienandFishGreco, Haberdasher, Jay Palmer, John Anglo, Jose Manuel Santiago Yepes, Katherine Bullen, Kyden Lundquist, Leah Higginbotham, lmx_v3point3, Melody Landrum, Mia, Moira Haney, Paravellex, Ray McKenzie, Rebecca Frederick, Rebekka B., Robin Dauster, Rowan Lorne, snowpossum, wrongsocks, Yo Mama', Zoke Miyama, Al LaBarrie, Ares Crowley, Calamari Matahari, E Kennedy, Kayla, Keelee, Lauga, Lena Klambauer, Lucia Kelly, QuizzicalQuibbler, sydney, Isabel Velasco, Vague Coffeecup, Kaela Woolsey, Morgan Short, Ahgbri Kanatist, WinglessWolf, Cece Henry, Lottie Rose, Charlie, Sonny Acosta. If you'd like to join them, visit Editing this week by Marisa Ewing, Tessa Vroom & Alexander J Newall. SFX this week by tim.khan, dcsimon, mallement, JoelAudio, cerberation, CosmicEmbers, yottasounds, AgentDD, kristinhamby, SoundFlakes, Augdog, “snow on umbrella” sound from, "Gathering, Ice, A.wav" by InspectorJ (, “Swoosh and Hit 1” by TunePocket (Unlimited royalty free music and sound effects for video creators), and previously credited artists via As always, today’s game system is available for free at Check out our merchandise available at Join our community: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @therustyquill REDDIT: DISCORD: EMAIL: Rusty Quill Gaming is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share alike 4.0 International Licence. For information regarding your data privacy, visit   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr
The NoSleep Podcast
The NoSleep Podcast
Creative Reason Media Inc.
NoSleep Podcast S15E08
It’s Episode 08 of Season 15. Our lost highway journey drives deep into the night. “Phone Call” written by P.L. McMillan (Story starts around 00:05:40) Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Leah – Sarah Ruth Thomas, Katie – Jessica McEvoy, Drew – Kyle Akers, Man – Mike DelGaudio, Woman – Erin Lillis “I Don’t Drive at Night Anymore” written by Dagen (Story starts around 00:21:40) Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Matt Bradford, Attendant – Jeff Clement “Whatever Happened to the Frankly Folklore Podcast?” written by T. Takeda Wise (Story starts around 00:35:45) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Jeff Clement Cast: Frank – Jesse Cornett, Leigh – Nichole Goodnight, Woman – Erin Lillis, Soldier – Atticus Jackson, Villager – Graham Rowat “Lover in the Depths” written by Ben Lewis (Story starts around 00:57:10) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Jason – Kyle Akers, Haskins – Mike DelGaudio, Boy – Elie Hirschman, Father – Jeff Clement, Woman – Jessica McEvoy “Mysterons” written by Preston Farlow (Story starts around 01:15:25) Produced by: Jesse Cornett Cast: Mike – Mike DelGaudio, Sarah – Danielle McRae, Patrick – David Ault, Malcolm – Mick Wingert “The Farwood Phantom” written by Caroline Diorio (Story starts around 01:56:00) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Nichole Goodnight, Nicolai – Atticus Jackson, Vince – Graham Rowat Click here to learn more about The NoSleep Podcast team Click here to learn more about The NoNap Podcast Click here for The NoSleep Podcast YouTube channel Click here to learn more about P.L. McMillan Click here to learn more about T. Takeda Wise  Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone “I Don’t Drive at Night Anymore” illustration courtesy of Hasani Walker Audio program ©2020 – Creative Reason Media Inc. – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.
1 hr 3 min
Join the Party
Join the Party
15. Join Me Outside V
Another day, another training event. Nothing could ruin this normal day in Lake Town City. Aggie doesn't pick up her phone. Val has seen this movie before. Milo wears short sleeves. Housekeeping - VOTE! Head to to learn about deadlines and voting options in your state - All this month, get 15% OFF AND get a FREE O’HARE SIBLING STICKER when you purchase any physical item. Go to! Listen to Open World, a brand new fiction podcast anthology focused on alternate, more hopeful futures, hosted by Rose Eveleth and Keisha “TK” Dutes. Sponsors - BetterHelp, a secure online counseling service. Get 10% off your first month at - Function of Beauty. Visit for 20% off your first order. - HelloFresh. Get a total of $80 off across 5 boxes including free shipping on your first box at with the code jointheparty80. Find Us Online - website: - patreon: - twitter: - facebook: - instagram: - tumblr: - merch & music: Cast & Crew - Dungeon Master, Co-Producer: Eric Silver - Co-Host (Milo Lane), Co-Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer: Brandon Grugle - Co-Host (Val Vesuvio), Co-Producer, Editor: Julia Schifini - Co-Host (Aggie O’Hare), Co-Producer: Amanda McLoughlin - Multitude: About Us Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast, powered by the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. That means a group of friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that takes us beyond the tabletop to parts unknown. In the first campaign, we explored fantasy adventure, intrigue, magic, and drama. In the newest story, we tackle science, superpowers, a better future, and the responsibility to help others. Every month, we sit down for the Afterparty, where we break down our game and answer your questions about how to play D&D and other roleplaying games at home. We also have segments at the beginning of each campaign to teach people how to play the game themselves. It’s a party, and you’re invited! Find out more at
1 hr 11 min
Fun City
Fun City
Fun City Ventures LLC
Float City 5: Ev'ry Searching Eye
Listen, I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your life but the latest arc of @funcityventures has a giant dying alien commandant who quotes William Blake, and a purple Pierce Brosnan with bugs for a beard. So, y'know... get in here! -- Support the show at Share the show with your friends! -- Find more about Stillfleet at -- @funcityventures is the show on twitter @funcityventures is the show on instagram @bijanstephen is Remy, the Sleeper (human) Blooder @randwiches is Merkis, the Jalasti Banshee @nicholasguercio is Vynos, the Conscript (human) Tremulant and @shodell is Beta, the Shoodtha Pir @taylordotbiz is Archivist Chraght @mikerugnetta is everything else -- This episode of Float City was recorded in various locations across Brooklyn New York. It was produced, edited and sound designed by Mike Rugnetta. Why art thou silent and invisible / Pixlriffs / Why dost thou hide thyself in the clouds Our music is by Sam Tyndall - Remy's flute playing is by Jake Fridkis - Our art is by Tess Stone - Our Discord mods are Olivia Gulin, Kit Pulliam and Kestrel The voice of Artemis is Molly Templeton -- CC-BY LICENSED SFX Used in this Episode:
1 hr 3 min
VAST Horizon
VAST Horizon
Fool and Scholar Productions
Entry 2-10: Remainder
The Walton continues with the evacuation while Nolira makes an important decision. Please Consider supporting our productions: Credits: Written by _K.A. Statz_ Produced with Sound Design and Editing by Travis Vengroff Executive Producer Bobby Fatemi Dialogue Editing by _Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions_ Mixing and Mastering by _Brandon Strader_ Script Editing by W.K. Statz Translations by Sophie Yang Cast: Dr. Nolira Eck - Siobhan Lumsden Ally / A.I. – Tanja Milojevic Sanon Onroon – Daniel Demerin Poe Yano – Christy Luse Auden Barrow – David Devereux Captain Sarpon – David Ault Commander Graan – Lani Minella Logistics Crew – Sophia DeRise Sergeant Lawrence – A.R. Olivieri Crew Member 1 – Emily Battles Crew Member 2 – Kaitlin Statz Crew Member 3 - Travis Vengroff Computer – Fiona Thraille Constance – Sam Yeow Corporal Vince – Ryan Philbrook General Han – Max Lando Dr. Imke Bohn – Naomi McMillan Dr. Shanrensinon Aan – Juliana Gutiérrez Arango Dr. Ellana Wagner – Diane Casanova Dr. Arif Ghanem – Garan Fitzgerald Captain Park – L. Jeffrey Moore Music: “Adrift (The VAST Horizon Theme)" Written and Performed by _Brandon Boone_ with Choir Arrangement by _Steven Melin_, Performed by The Budapest Scoring Choir "Missing Persons" Written and Performed by _Steven_ _Melin_ "String Quartet No.8, Op.192 No.3" Written by Joachim Raff, Performed by Steve's Bedroom Band VAST Horizon art by Kessi Riliniki This is a _Fool and Scholar Production_. For early episodes and bonus content join us at: _ Special Thanks to: Our _Patreon_ supporters! | _Tovusound_ | Sophie Yang | Sean Daniel Francis Sound Effects: (attribution licensees) "Hardware Beeping" recorded by Sean Daniel Francis "My Washing Machine" recorded by Kessi Riliniki ###Trigger Warnings### Familial Loss
27 min
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