Ultima fermata: Piombino - Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries Episode 10
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Our virtual journey through Tuscany is coming to an end! Join Giulia and Paolo in the tenth and final episode of this series of the Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries as they round off their trip by the sea in the beautiful coastal town of Piombino. Listen to the episode to hear what they get up to and look out for some interesting vocabulary as well as a discussion about the structure da passare and an example of the pronoun ci.

Travel Diaries will be published in one season of ten episodes weekly from 5th June. If you'd like to access lesson notes and a video version which features pauses after each sentence to allow you to practise your pronunciation, check out the full course on the Coffee Break Academy.

At Coffee Break Italian we provide content for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, along with regular mini lessons on social media. Visit coffeebreakitalian.com for all the information you need to build your confidence in Italian, whatever your level.


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Coffee Break Swedish
Coffee Break Swedish
Coffee Break Languages
CBSw 1.18 | Tåget avgår kl 18:23
Join teacher Hanna and leaner Mark in the latest episode of Coffee Break Swedish for beginners. Last time we spoke about getting around the town, and in this lesson we're continuing with the theme of transport as we're learning more about travelling by tåg (train). By the end of the lesson you'll know all of the words and phrases to use when it comes to purchasing train tickets, finding your platform, and reaching your final destination in a Swedish-speaking area. All aboard the train! Season 1 of Coffee Break Swedish features a total of 40 lessons, launching on 20th January 2020. If you'd like to benefit from video versions, lesson notes and bonus audio materials, you can access the premium version of Coffee Break Swedish in the Coffee Break Academy, available from 20 January 2020. As soon as each lesson becomes available in the podcast feed, the course will be updated with the bonus materials. Don't forget to follow Coffee Break Swedish on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your Swedish in between lessons. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break Swedish Facebook page here. If you'd like to find out what goes on behind the scenes here at Coffee Break Languages, follow @coffeebreaklanguages on Instagram. You can also check out our Coffee Break Languages YouTube channel. All information regarding Coffee Break Swedish can be found at http://coffeebreakswedish.com.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
32 min
The Germany Experience
The Germany Experience
Shaun Behrens
Wurst/arsch/schwein idioms, why “Der/Die/Das” is weird, and sitting down to pee in Germany (Ricardo from Brazil & Ivan from Bulgaria)
Ricardo from Brazil and Ivan from Bulgaria are the people behind the Can You German? Instagram account. They met by chance in Germany, where they became friends. Later, when Ivan was stuck in Brazil due to COVID-19, they spent a lot of time together, and it was during this time that Can You German? was born. We discuss their Instagram page, why German is obsessed with idioms that have to do with sausage, ass, and pigs, and the culture shock for men when they learn that sitting down to pee in German is the norm. Follow Can You German? on Instagram: @canyougerman *OTHER SHOW NOTES:* * The Langenscheidt youth word of 2020 is "Lost" * The Germany Experience was featured in Almonds + Sunset's 7 Inspiring Expat Podcasts to Listen to Right Now list * German signs for sitting down to pee * The Dark series website: https://dark.netflix.io/  *ASK A GERMAN: SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS* I have lined up three "qualified" Germans (i.e. they're German) to answer your questions! So if you have a question (or questions) that you have been wanting to ask Germans but never have, now's the time! Get in touch and send me your questions in one of the following ways: * Go to thegermanyexperience.de/contact and send me your question * Mail me: info@thegermanyexperience.de * You can also leave me a voicemail on my website by clicking on the little microphone icon on the bottom right of your screen. *JOIN THE THE GERMANY EXPERIENCE FACEBOOK GROUP** Visit the official **The Germany Experience website** Contact me: *info@thegermanyexperience.de *GERMAN UNCOVERED STORY-BASED LANGUAGE COURSE *German Uncovered is a comprehensive German course for beginners, where you learn German through an exciting story. After each chapter, you learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation based on what you read in the story. Disclaimer: I am an affiliate partner of German Uncovered, and I will earn a commission if you sign up using the links below). Try out the course for free: Experience Story-Based German Learning for Free And sign up for German Uncovered: German Uncovered
56 min
The Fluent Show
The Fluent Show
Kerstin Cable
Episode 200 Party Live Stream 🎂
We've done it! Welcome to episode 200 of the Fluent Show podcast with plenty of quizzing and jingles! This episode was broadcast live on 16 October 2020 with awesome participation from our live chatroom and bonus quiz questions from Sarah L, and Megan, the host of Oh No! Lit Class (https://www.ohnolitclass.com/). Please review us or support us on Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/fluentshow) and get bonus episodes and extra materials during the hiatus. We'll be back on the feed in 2021! We had ALL THE QUIZ questions, including the following: * Episode 25 (Lindsay Dow) saw the emergence of one of Kerstin's book-related pet peeves..which one is it? * Episode 28 (Shannon Kennedy): In this episode, Shannon admitted to being an extreme , which is why she doesn't find it lonely to learn languages by herself. * Episode 73 (Ultramarathon for the Brain): This episode is a part of Fluent Show history as the first ever bilingual show, in German and English. Who was the guest? * Episode 136 (Paul Kaye): Paul Kaye is a professional translator who used to be a journalist. He applied with an Eastern European language. Which one is it? * Episode 145 (Indigenous Languages): Which glorious pop star referred to English as little tongue, sparking a discussion for this episode? * Episode 150 (Langfest 2019): This episode featured a drinking song in which very small European language? * Episode 158 (David Peterson): Which important distinction did David need to work out before he could record the Dothraki intro to the Fluent Show? some explicit words are included in this one, but all in the context of fun and education! Thank you to LINDSAY for introducing this episode of the Fluent Show! Thank you for listening to the Fluent Show! If you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting the show by leaving a review in your podcast app or becoming a member of our Patreon community
1 hr 43 min
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