Sosta per le vie di Lucca - Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries Episode 2
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In our second episode of the Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries, join Giulia and Paolo as they travel on towards Lucca. We'll accompany them for some lunch and the resulting abbiocco - that sleepy feeling you get after a delicious meal.

Travel Diaries will be published in one season of ten episodes weekly from 5th June. If you'd like to access lesson notes and a video version which features pauses after each sentence to allow you to practise your pronunciation, check out the full course on the Coffee Break Academy.

At Coffee Break Italian we provide content for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, along with regular mini lessons on social media. Visit for all the information you need to build your confidence in Italian, whatever your level.


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Coffee Break Swedish
Coffee Break Swedish
Coffee Break Languages
CBSw 1.18 | Tåget avgår kl 18:23
Join teacher Hanna and leaner Mark in the latest episode of Coffee Break Swedish for beginners. Last time we spoke about getting around the town, and in this lesson we're continuing with the theme of transport as we're learning more about travelling by tåg (train). By the end of the lesson you'll know all of the words and phrases to use when it comes to purchasing train tickets, finding your platform, and reaching your final destination in a Swedish-speaking area. All aboard the train! Season 1 of Coffee Break Swedish features a total of 40 lessons, launching on 20th January 2020. If you'd like to benefit from video versions, lesson notes and bonus audio materials, you can access the premium version of Coffee Break Swedish in the Coffee Break Academy, available from 20 January 2020. As soon as each lesson becomes available in the podcast feed, the course will be updated with the bonus materials. Don't forget to follow Coffee Break Swedish on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your Swedish in between lessons. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break Swedish Facebook page here. If you'd like to find out what goes on behind the scenes here at Coffee Break Languages, follow @coffeebreaklanguages on Instagram. You can also check out our Coffee Break Languages YouTube channel. All information regarding Coffee Break Swedish can be found at   See for privacy and opt-out information.
32 min
Французский! На минуточку
Французский! На минуточку
076: Больше не
Друзья! В этом эпизоде мы познакомимся с новыми отрицательными конструкциями. Также изучим два полезных выражения. Ne... pas - не Ne... plus - больше не Ne... jamais - никогда не Je ne travaille pas - я не работаю Je ne travaille plus - я больше не работаю Je ne travaille jamais - я никогда не работаю Regarder la télévision/la télé - смотреть телевизор Je ne regarde pas la télé - я не смотрю телевизор Je ne regarde plus la télé - я больше не смотрю телевизор Je ne regarde jamais la télé - я никогда не смотрю телевизор Écouter la radio - слушать радио Je n'écoute pas la radio - я не слушаю радио Je n'écoute plus la radio - я больше не слушаю радио Je n'écoute jamais la radio - я никогда не слушаю радио Поддержать проект и получать бонусные материалы можно на странице проекта Patreon Мои курсы: Французский язык. Фонетика: правила чтения и произношение (бесплатный курс для всех) Французский язык для путешествий Французский язык для начинающих: базовый разговорный курс Все основные времена французского языка Полезный французский Вопросы и предложения по подкасту: Music:
5 min
When in Spain
When in Spain
Paul Burge
Ernest Hemingway’s Madrid with Stephen Drake-Jones
In this episode I look at the American writer, Ernest Hemingway´s relationship with Madrid and wider Spain and how Spain and the Spanish capital inspired and influenced his writing. Ernest Hemingway is commonly associated with a handful of places around the world, most notably Paris, Pamplona, Havana, Key West and Ketchum, Idaho, where he took his own life in July 1961. But, Ernest Hemingway also had a lifelong love affair with Madrid and many of the city´s locations inspired his works such as, The Sun Also Rises, Death in the Afternoon and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Don Ernesto, as Hemingway was affectionately called by the Spanish, spent numerous stints in Madrid. He was here for chunks of the late 1920s, late 1930s, and parts of the 1950s, with his last visit in 1960. Joining me in this episode to help trace Hemingway´s footsteps around Madrid is Stephen Drake-Jones. Stephen is a historian, lecturer and tour guide with an encyclopedic knowledge of various periods of Spanish history and is also an expert on Ernest Hemingway´s Madrid. Stephen and I met up in one of Ernest Hemingway´s favourite Madrid hangouts – La Cerveceria Alemana – on the leafy Plaza Santa Ana and we pulled up two chairs at the exact table in the bar´s window where Hemingway often used to sit and drink. In fact it is where he gleaned much information for his classic, Death in the Afternoon. He wrote the appendix to the book in La Cerveceria Alemana, picking the brains of the numerous bullfighting aficionados who would hang out there.
55 min
The Great Composers Podcast - a classical music podcast
The Great Composers Podcast - a classical music podcast
Kevin Nordstrom
40 - Johannes Brahms, pt. 6 "Warring With the Wizard of Weimar"
In ep. 40 we find Johannes Brahms struggling to recover and learn from the defeat of his D minor Piano Concerto at Leipzig's Gewandhaus in January 1859. Despite nearing mastery in his craft and the untiring support of his friends he was yet unable to find a consistently appreciative audience. Success and failure, ridicule and praise, applause and hissing followed Brahms wherever he and his music went. By the Spring of 1860 his frustration and anger had grown so much that he lashed out at one of the greatest musical personalities of the age, Franz Liszt, in the most unlikely way and with pitiful results. ---------------- Subscribe on iTunes and give us a 5-star review! download our app! Visit and like our Facebook page! Works heard in this episode, by Brahms unless otherwise noted: 1. Three Secular Songs for Choir, "Abendständchen" (Evening Serenade) Op. 42 no. 1. " let the light of his music shine through the darkness around him" from the intro. is my paraphrase of the last line of this song. 2. Three Secular Songs for Choir, "Darthulas Grabesgesang" (Darthulas Grave Song) op. 42 no. 3 3. Three Secular Songs for Choir, "Vineta" (Vineta) op. 42 no. 2 ( 1-3 performed by Ensemberlino Vocale, ) 4. String Sextet in B-flat Major op. 18 mvt. 3 Scherzo 5. String Sextet in B-flat Major op. 18 mvt. 4 Rondo: Poco allegretto e grazioso 6, cont. 7, 8. Sonata in B Minor for Solo Piano, S. 178 by Franz Liszt wonderfully played by Jean Dubé, piano
2 hr 7 min
Learn Polish Podcast
Learn Polish Podcast
Roy Coughlan
#76 How to Make Soup
To listen to all Episodes + The Speaking Podcast + The Meditation Podcast + Business Opportunities please visit Now also on Youtube To get Skype lessons from Kamila or her team please visits In this Episode we discuss: Co jutro będę gotować na obiad?- What will I cook for dinner tomorrow? Jaką zupę lubisz?- What kind of soup do you like? Żurek- Sour soup Lubię zupę grzybową- I like mushroom soup Lubisz zupę ogórkową?- Do you like cucumber soup? Jak zrobić rosół wegetariański?- How to make a vegetarian chicken soup? Bulion warzywny w kostkach- Vegetable stock cubes Czego potrzebujemy?- What do we need? Warzywa- Vegetables Seler- Celery Por- Por Marchew- Carrot Pietruszka- Parsley Garnek- Pot Nalewamy wodę do garnka- We pour water into the pot Obieramy warzywa- We peel vegetables Umyć warzywa- To wash vegetables Pokroić marchewkę- To cut the carrot Wkładamy warzywa do garnka- We put the vegetables into the pot Gotujemy- We cook Cebula- Onion Dodać sól i pierz- To add salt and pepper Liść laurowy- Bay leaf Ziele angielskie- Allspice Jak długo gotujemy?- How long do we cook? Drugi garnek- Second pot Makaron- Pasta Gotujemy makaron trzy minuty- We cook the pasta for three minutes Mam wszystkie składniki- I have all the ingredients If you would like Skype lessons from kamila please visit All Polish Episodes / Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Awakening Podcast/ Polish Property & business Offers - Please Share with your friends / Subscribe and give a 5* Review - Thank You (Dziekuje Bardzo :) )
8 min
Coffee Break English
Coffee Break English
Coffee Break Languages
CBE 1.10 | Let’s review! - ¡Repasemos!
¡El profesor Mark y la estudiante María están de vuelta con otra lección de Coffee Break English! En este episodio, repasamos lo visto hasta ahora y aprenderemos algo más de vocabulario nuevo. Los podcasts se publican cada semana. Ofrecemos también una lista de vocabulario de cada episodio de Coffee Break English. Si quieres acceder a la lista de vocabulario para este episodio, regístrate aquí. Te enviaremos la lista de palabras incluidas en este episodio con su correspondiente traducción en español. No te olvides de seguir Coffee Break English en Facebook, donde pondremos divertidas actividades, hablaremos de algunas cuestiones interesantes de cultura y reseñaremos material que podrá ser útil para tu aprendizaje del inglés. Recuerda, unos pocos minutos al día pueden ayudarte a ganar seguridad en un idioma distinto. Accede a la página de Facebook de Coffee Break English aquí. También estamos en Instagram @coffeebreakenglish_. Toda la información sobre Coffee Break English se encuentra en Teacher Mark and learner María are back for another lesson of Coffee Break English! In this episode, we revise what we have covered so far and we learn some new vocabulary. The podcasts are released every week. We also offer a vocabulary list for each episode of Coffee Break English. If you want to access the vocabulary list for this episode, sign up here. We will send you the list of words included in this episode with its corresponding translation in Spanish. Don't forget to follow Coffee Break English on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your English in between lessons. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break English Facebook page here. You can also check out our Instagram account @coffeebreakenglish_. All information regarding Coffee Break English can be found at   See for privacy and opt-out information.
29 min
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