Episode 107: Dr. Ramon Corrales, Integral Mastery Center CEO
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Ramon coaches people and tries to help them get the best out of themselves and their employees. He works with leadership teams to create cultures . His company is Wisdom Hunger A passion to help leaders get to a level of wisdom and go after profitability and living on purpose Managing people according to their instincts is the way he describes it. Ramon spent time from the age of 18-26 as a Christian brother teaching in school in his native Philippines. A Fulbright scholarship took him from Philippines to Minnesota and eventually Kansas City. He trained in organizational sociology and in family therapy Has passed on what he’s learned to help others with money, profitability, high performance, athletic excellence and more. Described in one word, he calls it grace. Ramon loves sports because the feedback is instantaneous Message to all is you have to do it your way. Instincts married with a sense of conviction and maturity is when you get the real wow Sports is a metaphor for doing it your way. Three influences to high performance: Knowledge, passion and instinct. We have instinct from birth. Ramon speaks at length of the Influence of the Kolby Index test. He met Kathy Kolbe in 1990 which transformed Ramon’s life going from family therapist into corporate work and coaching Kathy discovered that we all need information. How we gather info is unique Can measure skill sets and instincts that effect companies, sports teams and students Links involving Ramon: www.wisdomhunger.com www.kolbe.com

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