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Oct 26, 2022
078: Building an Effective Team of Assets with Logan Rankin
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Logan is an experienced & strategic entrepreneur that achieved financial freedom by the age of 30. He has built 2 multi-million dollar businesses and owns over 1,900 units valued at over $200 million in real estate. He spent the first decade of his professional working career with a fortune 50 corporation leading retail operations. He escalated quickly through various leadership positions where he built high-performing teams and managed large P&L portfolios. During that time, he led and implemented strategic operational changes at the enterprise level across the US. Currently, he is focused on growing his 3 real estate-related businesses and money, and investing/consulting for other businesses. Beyond his investments, he is passionate about financial education on all levels.


Logan shares how he has found financial freedom by working fewer hours and making more money. This is done by building a team with a leader that is well-informed, engaged, and motivated. He also discusses how the company's low costs and management fees enable it to offer competitive salaries and generous benefits to its employees, and the importance of employee engagement which offers free personal finance coaching to all of its employees. 



[00:01 - 07:51] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Logan to the show
  • Brief background and career
  • Building a property management company
  • Logan's story highlights the importance of building high-performance teams and how real estate can be an effective way to do that


[07:52 - 14:54] How to Build an Effective Team

  • Scaling businesses is about leadership
    • Taking time to add value 
  • Hiring someone who is best for the position


[14:55 - 25:49] Turning Your People Into Assets

  • Giving your employees free personal finance coaching
    • How to find and underwrite deals
  • How the company pays its employees fairly and invests back into the business


[25:50 - 35:43] The Quattro Trio

  • What is your superpower?
    • Focus
    • People integration through systems
  • What is your biggest mistake?
    • Not taking enough risks
  • Logan’s book
  • See the links below to connect with Logan!



“If you want to scale..scaling is about leadership.” - Logan Rankin


“In every relationship that I’ve ever been part of, I want the other person to win a little bit more than me.” - Logan Rankin

Connect with Logan through LinkedIn, Facebook, or visit

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"How Logan Went From College Dropout to Millionaire Entrepreneur"

How Logan Built a $200 Million Real Estate Empire in 30 Years

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