061: Helping People with Blindness through Real Estate with Nancy Huynh
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Nancy Huynh is an ophthalmologist and real estate investor with the goal of curing preventable blindness in the world. She started investing in real estate at the beginning of COVID-19, a time when alternative investments were gaining popularity and has since built a successful real estate portfolio. Nancy is passionate about using her skills as an eye doctor and real estate investor to help others, and Clear Vision Investing is dedicated to making cataract surgery available to those who need it most. In this conversation, Nancy discusses the company's mission to prevent and cure blindness through building sustainable solutions in local communities. Clear Vision Investing partners with hospitals to build vision centers and train locals to screen for vision care, employing the locals who make money while providing the needed care. This conversation highlights the importance of personal skills such as interpersonal communication, risk assessment, and adaptability in both real estate and medical fields. She emphasizes the importance of being willing to try new things and adapt to changing circumstances, which has served her well in her career.


[00:00 - 04:01] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Nancy to the show
  • Brief background and career
  • Using real estate to do good 
    • Clear Vision Investing is on a mission to cure preventable blindness worldwide through real estate investing


[04:02 - 08:36] Helping People with Blindness through Real Estate

  • Partnering with local hospitals to build vision centers and train local residents to screen for eye care needs
  • Real estate skills learned as a doctor are also helpful in real estate investing
  • Being able to adapt and pivot are key traits of successful real estate investors


[08:37 - 14:46] Being a Doctor and a Real Estate Investor

  • Real Estate Investor's superpower: willingness to try new things
  • Assessing risks and benefits
  • The best way for listeners to help


[14:47 - 19:31] Closing Segment

  • Get to know more about Nancy in the Quattro Trio!
  • Final words
  • See the links below to connect with Nancy




"So through this innovative method we're trying to not only educate and give the skills to the local people but also use them as a tool to keep the cycle going so that they don't need people to just fly in and fly out to provide that eye care for them.” - Nancy Huynh


  1. "So instead of ‘How can I do it?’ ‘Who can help me?’ there is likely someone out there who could do it better than I can faster, cheaper than what I can do myself.” - Nancy Huynh


Connect with Nancy through LinkedIn, or visit www.clearvisioninvesting.com.

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