RELR 43 | Old Farming vs Smart Farming for Real Estate Agents
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Farming for Real Estate Agents has been a slow, expense and mostly passive strategy reserved for those agents with big budgets. Yet there are so many agents that are talented and brilliant. They get into this business and sort of struggle with all the advice they are given and examples they see. But because our desire is so insatiable to get to our goal, we as entrepreneurs go out and do many things, most of which don’t quite feel right.

For those of us that actually get traction in our business, at some point we can feel buried by the obligation of our business or buried by the mountainous to do list that we have and what we end up doing is resenting our success.

I use to hate the sound of my phone as an agent when I was selling, I couldn’t stand it. I could physically feel my body react from my phone ringing.

It’s funny because what I realized was that I was building my business in a way that wasn’t congruent with who I am. And I think that’s a prevalent problem in our industry.

So the heart of my entire message, in the last 5 years, has been about helping agents build a business that feels congruent with who they are.


The reason I like farming for real estate agents is that it gives us a context in which to focus our efforts. We get to take all of our energy and all of the things we do in real estate and focus them into a geographical area and I love that because it gives us a leverage that nothing else does... [read more]

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