Proof Of Love
Proof Of Love
Jan 31, 2020
Proof of Love Ep. 43 BDSM
Play • 35 min

Have you ever wondered about BDSM and what it could add to your sex life and relationship?

On this very kinky episode of Proof of Love, the ladies provide some background and personal experiences into this often misunderstood form of sexuality and role play. They tackle some of the most common questions such as:

What does BDSM stand for and is there a difference between kink and BDSM? What is a Domme and what is a submissive? Why are people turned on by BDSM and is it common to have these fantasies or is it a result of past trauma?

The three ladies address the importance of being comfortable and trust in BDSM. They discuss:

Pre-negotiating prior to playing. Having a safe word if your partner goes too far or exceeds your comfort or begins hurting you. Discovering different levels of BDSM and find what you enjoy and what you’re comfortable with.

Some cons of the power play are discussed such as are there double standards between men and women, what should you an outsider do if they see physical signs of violence, and what to do if your partner tries something that wasn’t discussed beforehand. 

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