Committing to Innovation: A discussion with Beth Comstock
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Beth Comstock, former vice chair of GE, and McKinsey senior partner Erik Roth discuss how a tolerance for risk, patience, and thinking small (where funding is concerned) can lead to innovation breakthroughs. Beth is an innovation leader who spent almost three decades at General Electric, where for a time she headed GE Business Innovations that developed new businesses, markets and service models. She recently published Imagine It Forward: Courage, creativity, and the power of change. Erik leads McKinsey's innovation work globally.
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BCG Henderson Institute
BCG Henderson Institute
BCG Henderson Institute
Book Interview: Radical Uncertainty with John Kay
John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists, and has been a Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford since 1970. His work is centered on the relationships between economics, finance, and business. Today his main focus is on writing and he is renowned for his ability to express complex ideas clearly and succinctly. He is the author of many books, including The Truth about Markets (2003) and Obliquity (2010). In his new book, Radical Uncertainty: Decision-Making Beyond the Numbers, co-authored with Mervyn King, he argues that models have only limited value in guiding business decision making. In a numerical world, decision making should be guided by developing and critically challenging reference narratives, to figure out “what’s going on here?”. In a conversation with Martin Reeves, Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, Kay discusses insights from his new book, epidemiology, the accuracy and applicability of models, and what leaders can do to break with prediction addiction. *** About the BCG Henderson Institute The BCG Henderson Institute is the Boston Consulting Group’s think tank, dedicated to exploring and developing valuable new insights from business, technology, economics, and science by embracing the powerful technology of ideas. The Institute engages leaders in provocative discussion and experimentation to expand the boundaries of business theory and practice and to translate innovative ideas from within and beyond business. For more ideas and inspiration, sign up to receive BHI INSIGHTS, our monthly newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS
Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS
471. News: Klarna face backlash & Killer Mike launches a bank to support black businesses
Our expert hosts, Sam Maule and Kate Moody, are joined by some great guests to talk about the most notable fintech, financial services and banking news from the past week. This week's guests include: Alice Tapper, Founder and Author - Go Fund Yourself Gwera Kiwana, Ops Analyst - 11:FS We cover the following stories from the fintech and financial services space: Killer Mike’s new Black owned bank receives ‘tens of thousands’ of account requests in less than 24 hours (03:54) Klarna’s email that prompted data privacy and security backlash (17:00) Former Barclays execs to launch digital bank (29:11) Square invests $50m in bitcoin (37:00) Soundbite Simon Taylor, 11:FS Head of Ventures (37:55) FCA turns the screws on compliance in work-from-home environment (44:06) Coronavirus can survive up to 28 days on paper banknotes (55:37) This podcast is brought to you by Jack Henry Digital ( the pioneer and creator of personal digital banking that helps community financial institutions strategically differentiate their digital offerings from those of MegaBanks, BigTechs and FinTechs. _ This podcast is also brought to you by Mitek ( MITK). Mitek is a global leader in mobile capture and digital identity verification solutions built on the latest advancements in computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Mitek’s identity verification solutions enable an enterprise to verify a user’s identity during a digital transaction, which assists businesses operating in highly regulated markets to reduce financial risk and meet regulatory requirements while increasing revenue from digital channels. Financial services, marketplaces and other organizations around the world use Mitek to reduce friction creating the digital experiences their customers expect. Mobile Deposit® and Mobile Verify® are used by millions of consumers for check deposit, new account opening and more. The company is based in San Diego with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and St Petersburg. Learn more at The banking business model is broken. The question is, how can we rebuild it? Embedded finance presents a massive opportunity for banks to play a new role in the financial services ecosystem, offering more revenue streams, lower costs and higher margins. Our new report, Better banking business models: embedded finance and the path to growth, is a must-read for banks considering the smartest next step. Head to to download the report for free. Fintech Insider by 11:FS is a podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology and financial services. Hosted by a rotation of 11:FS experts including David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates and Sarah Kocianski and joined by a range of brilliant guests, we cover the latest global news, bring you interviews from industry experts or take a deep dive into subject matters such as APIs, AI or digital banking. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and please leave a review Follow us on Twitter: where you can ask the hosts questions, alternatively email! Special Guests: Alice Tapper and Gwera Kiwana.
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