Star Wars Drinking Day #206
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May the 4th be with you for Star Wars Drinking Day on the Pub Songs Podcast.

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0:18 - SONG: “Jedi Drinking Song” by Brobdingnagian Bards from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

4:12 - WELCOME

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12:56 - SONG: “Lusty Young Sith” from What Color Is Your Dragon?

12:07 - STORY: Skellig Michael

-- Blog: Skellig Michael, Puffins, Star Wars -- Blog: Secrets to Visiting Skellig Michael -- Video: Jedi Mickey on Skellig Michael

18:43 - SONG: “Jedi Mickey” from I Will Not Sing Along

21:57 - PUB CHAT (read and see videos at bottom of notes)

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24:39 - SONG: “A Drop of Jedi Blood”

We'll fly the Millenium Falcon along, and we'll all hang on behind.

A drop of Jedi blood, wouldn't do you any harm A drink in the cantina... Shooting Greedo... “Our only hope”...  Sharon Powers 100 stormtroopers couldn't... James Smith Your father's lightsaber... Joshua Ohmer A twi'lek dancing girl... A jawa selling droids... A hermit in a swamp... A lightsaber duel... Oh.... wait. Unless your last name is Skywalker... Matt Hughes A backwards talking frog... Sarah Crocket


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31:40 - SONG: “The Last Jedi Drinking Song” from I Will Not Sing Along

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Rachel Bryant posted a picture of her with my Irish Force Quote shirt. I asked if I could share.

What does an amazing Star Wars Day look like to you?

Christi Chalmers replied: "It was supposed to look like a day at Galaxy's Edge building lightsabers, but of course we had to reschedule. Now I'll be turning 40 there instead, as long as they're open in September!"

Janine Rinker replied: "My student has finished his final. But really I'm waiting for towel day (May 25th)."

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