Wherever I May Roam
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Are you like Bilbo Baggins? Do you love a good adventure? Will shaking up your life help you to find happiness?

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I’m like Bilbo Baggins. I love a good adventure. I think it all started when my parents divorced. My dad would drive us to Texas each summer to stay with our grandparents. My brother and I would fly home a few weeks later. I loved air travel.

Then my mom moved to Italy in 1985. My brother and I flew, just the two of us, across the big blue ocean, to Italy. This was the height of my Dungeons & Dragons days. So going to Italy was like stepping inside one of my D&D campaigns. It was magical. I relished it.

My mom had a small home in Isola Montagne. It was a few miles from the Vicenza military base. I moved to Italy in 1989 to live with my mom. I visited Rome, Venice, the alps, Florence, Verona, just… everywhere. It was incredible. Life was an adventure.

But I also knew that I didn’t want to adventure alone. Sure I had fun in 2003. I sprained my ankle. But I had already booked a flight to Germany where I would take a train to Italy. It was fun. But also lonely.

I wanted a family. In 2009, I met my wife, Gwen, at a house concert in Virginia. It was one of the few actual tours I ever made as a professional musician. We clicked instantly. We solidified our kindred spirits a couple months later when we met up in London. Our first big date was in Cambridge.

I was living in New Orleans at the time. It turned out that New Orleans was where she called home before she swam out of it during Hurricane Katrina. We are connected in part by our love of travel.

That’s something we’ve made a big part of our lives, and that of our children too. We took Kenzie to Galway, Ireland when she was 1 ½ years old. It was cold, wet and rainy that April of 2012. But an adventure!

Since then, we’ve gone back to Cambridge. We’ve traveled around the US. This summer, we’re heading to Scotland and Europe as a family.

This is what “Wherever I May Roam” is all about. It’s finding happiness and love wherever we are. One of my first epiphanies back in the 80s was that if things aren’t working out how you want them to, shake things up. Do something radical.

That’s why I moved to New Orleans. It’s why I split up the success of the Brobdingnagian Bards to move to New Orleans. Travel is a great way to open your mind and spirit to great possibilities.

7:50 - Marc GunnWherever I May Roam” from Selcouth

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