Awaken the Witch Podcast
Kristen Ramezzana
Welcome to the Awaken the Witch Podcast! Kristen Ramezzana is a Witch, Past Life Regressionist, Shadow Work Coach and multiple business owner. Kristen uses her spiritual gifts and connection to Hades, as well as years of education and experience to help clients awaken their power, heal their trauma, uncover their soul purpose and manifest their destiny! By helping her clients excavate their shadow, shed the masks society has made them wear, and obliterate the blocks standing in their way, her clients are free to uncover who they really are, and live the life they were destined for. If you are looking to own your darkness, unleash your power, uncover your purpose and manifest your destiny, you've come to the right place! On this podcast we are going to dive deep into shadow work, past lives, magick and more! Diving into your shadow will bring you home to your own soul and unlock the life of your wildest dreams. So join us and awaken your inner witch.
Awaken the Witch Podcast
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