43. Suzanne Corey: Following Your Passion, Building a Business + All Things Lashes
1 hr 3 min

Happy Monday! Today, Landyn sits down with her long time lash artist Suzanne Corey of City Lash Beauty in Nashville. Landyn has been seeing Suzanne for almost FIVE YEARS - that’s right and over the years they’ve fostered a deep friendship. They nearly know everything about each other and they have seen each other grow over the years. Today, Suzanne talks about her upbringing, her journey to opening up City Lash and busts a few lash myths you might believe. Landyn and Suzanne also speak to taking steps side by side together when building each of their businesses. This episode also includes:

+Becoming a military spouse and raising a family

+Her family's move to the south

+How she went from being a journalism teacher to opening up her own lash salon

+Starting beauty school at the age of 35 and learning the art of lashes

+Following through with What If moments

For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit www.livingwithlandyn.com/ep-43-following-your-passion-building-a-business-all-things-lashes

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner
Ep. 97 Danielle Schaffer Is NOT Gonna Let Society Tell Her How To Raise Her Kids!
Today we are super excited to share a chat with you that we got to have with Danielle Schaffer (City Girl Gone Mom). Danielle is a momma and a podcaster of Mom Confidential. She is a wife and a boss BABE and her son is boss babe Brody. Her podcast is all about the realities about being a mom, all the truths and personal anecdotes! She is all about letting her kids personalities shine through no matter what society says! She likes to tell it like it is and so do we!!! We love keeping it real! 18:07 - Welcome to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents., Danielle! What inspired you to start your son, Brody’s Instagram page? (@bossbabybrody) 22:51 - Jamie asks, did you ever put him in dance classes to nurture his ability? 26:15 - Doug asks, when did you realize it started to go viral? 28:15 - Doug asks, were you gender focused with your older kids or when did that start? 32:09 - Jamie asks, what’s your advice for stepping out of this type of a mind frame and really allowing your kids to embrace whatever they want without too much influence for others? 36:30 - Doug asks, do you think others wearing dresses is going to help others feel more comfortable breaking away from societal standards, or do you think of this as a new trend, or just someone expressing their individuality? It’s gonna be a good episode next week! You don’t wanna miss it! ;)    Danielle’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/citygirlgonemom Brody’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/bossbabybrody  Danielle’s Today Show Article: Mom to Harry Styles critic: My son wears a dress too and it's OK. Here's why. And thank you to our sponsors: Jonas Paul Eyewear - Save 15% off by using the code COOLPARENTS15 at jonaspauleyewear.com Disney Hits Playlist - Enjoy the magic of Disney Music anytime, anywhere! Disney Hits Playlist is available on all music streaming services! Dropps - visit dropps.com/hotmarriage and use the code hotmarriage to get 25% off your first order! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
51 min
Your Fave’s Faves
Your Fave’s Faves
Three Percent Chance
3. Todrick Hall Talks Fave Disney Movies
Y'ALL. Todrick Hall stopped by the podcast and made all of my Disney wall dreams come true (trust me, it will make sense when you listen). We go DEEP on some of our favorites in this one, including the best Disney princess, the coolest 90s Disney flicks, plus Todrick makes a difficult choice between two of his favorite Pixar films. If you're a fan of the mouse, this is the episode for you! -- Looking to support small business this holiday season? Be sure to check out our Cyber Monday deals (which we lovingly call Hollis Day!) Check out our website: https://bit.ly/hollisday2020 where you can view books, journals, productivity planners, as well as handpicked goodies from a wide range of ethically sourced partners. There's something for everyone on your list, no matter how picky or difficult to shop for, so be sure to check it out before the best deals are gone! We were tired of all the health and fitness apps that made us feel worse about ourselves, that featured trainers who didn't look like us or talk like us (hello, drill sergeant much?), or that assumed we had hundreds of dollars to spend on trendy equipment in order to make their workouts actually, well, work. That's why we created the RISE App, to build a community of folks who love to move their body and spark joy in their lives, without all the body-shaming and exclusion. Check it out by going to https://bit.ly/letsriseapp Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
48 min
Mom Brain
Mom Brain
Gallery Media Group Originals
'Stepmother' is No Dirty Word to Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Edelstein is the actress you know from numerous series and is currently in Netflix's final season of The Kaminsky Method. She was also in The West Wing, Ally McBeal, House and she was the lead in Bravo's Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. Catch Lisa in season 2 of Fox's 9-1-1:Lonestar alongside Rob Lowe, which premieres in January. Lisa is a proud stepmom to 2 beautiful boys and loves them just as if she was their biological mom. She wrote a really heartfelt, open and honest piece about her experience as a stepmom for Redbook that you should definitely take a minute to read. Lisa tells Hilaria and Daphne about the complicated nature of being a stepmother. She explains how language and labeling become issues, how she has to navigate her role in their family, and sometimes know when it's important to take a backseat and just be supportive to her husband and sons. Plus, how she juggles marriage, raising kids, a career, and a relationship with the kids' mother. It's an honest conversation about what it is to be a stepmother. _Favorite Things:_ Daphne: Busy Box Child sensory boxes Hilaria: Zara Newborn Knitwear Lisa: Making art with Prismacolor markers,  Email us with your questions at mombrainpod@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram, just search for @MomBrain. We answer a lot of your questions on there! Check out videos of our episodes on our YouTube channel! We also invite you to become a member of Mom Brain's official Facebook Group. Check out PureWow's Happy Kid Awards: A Guide To The Best Products For Families - To find the 77 top buys of 2020!
44 min
The Mom Room Podcast
The Mom Room Podcast
Renee Reina
EP41. Anxiety and OCD in Pregnancy and Motherhood, with Jenna Overbaugh
*EP41. *Renee chats with licensed therapist, Jenna Overbaugh. Jenna tells us about her own experience with anxiety and OCD in pregnancy and motherhood. She explains why fear makes sense in context of parenting, how to know whether your anxiety/OCD symptoms are normal, adaptive, or functional, as opposed to problematic. Jenna gives us practical things we can do at home to ease our anxiety, and describes what professional treatment is like.  *Books recommended by Jenna: * * How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids - Jancee Dunn  * Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts - Karen Kleiman * Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts - Karen Kleiman This episode is brought to you by *GrowCo** *postnatal rehab. GrowCo supports mothers in their healing through doctor-designed and led postnatal fitness. With a focus on the core and pelvic floor, the online community features 50+ workouts streaming 24/7, weekly live workouts and monthly masterclasses. *CLICK HERE* to sign up now with a one time payment of $250 (50% off the regular price). To find a GrowCo healthcare professional near you, click *HERE*. Follow Growco (*@growco.rehab*) on Instagram. ____________________________________________________________________ To join The Mom Room Community, click HERE. To connect with Renee Reina, click HERE. To visit Renee's blog, click HERE. Follow Renee Reina (@the.mom.room) on TikTok. Follow Renee Reina (@the.mom.room) on Instagram. To visit The Mom Room podcast website, click HERE. Follow Jenna (@jenna.overbaugh) on Instagram. To visit Jenna's website, click HERE. To listen to the All The Hard Things podcast, click HERE. To follow Jenna on Facebook, click HERE.
1 hr 5 min
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