Worth The Risk Part 04 Gerald (#191)
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Nathalie hadn't been kidding when she had said her garden was super tiny. It couldn't be more than 100 square feet. Walls enclosed the small space, making it feel more like an outdoor room than a garden. Raven put her jacket over one of the chairs before looking up at the house.

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Erotic Audio by Audiodesires.com
Erotic Audio by Audiodesires.com
Strap-On Seduction - Lesbian Sex Toy Erotic Audio Story, Sexy ASMR
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/strap-on-seduction/ In this erotic audio story, Tess visits Los Angeles for a couple of days to present her research at a conference. In lieu of getting an expensive hotel room downtown, her best friend connects her with an old classmate who lives in Echo Park. It was supposed to just be a couch to sleep on, but Tess finds herself extremely attracted to her host (who just happens to be her best friend’s ex). Is the attraction mutual? Find out in this . It’s my first time in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I’m only in town for two nights. Normally, my university would pay to put me up in a hotel, but I waited until the last minute to book my accommodations. So, no fancy downtown hotel for me. Luckily for me, you were gracious enough to offer me your pull-out sofa for a couple of nights. The funny thing is…you’re my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. I’m not sure why, but I feel a little nervous standing outside of your apartment right now. I know a lot of intimate things about you. Like that you have a tattoo on your ribcage of an orchid...and that you and Leisha would always have sex on Sunday mornings. I can tell by the way that you carry yourself that you’re completely comfortable in your skin. I feel heat on my cheeks as you look at me. I don’t know why, but there’s something about your gaze that’s just…really piercing. Despite this casual and friendly demeanor we’re sharing, I can’t help the attraction I’m feeling. I wonder if you feel it too. You will like this Erotic Audio podcast if you're interested in strap-on, strap on harness, sexual toys, sex aids, love toys, vibrating egg, couples toys, sex tools, small dildos, strap ons for sale, sex products, double vibrator, adult shopping, se toys, stap on, adult stores, womens strap on, strap on dildo for sale, sex harnesses, adult products, clitoral vibrators, lipstick vibrator, mens toys, lesbian strap ons, rabbit toy, leather strap on, 7 inch strap on, sex store, bedroom toys, where to buy a strap on, discount adult toys, dildo belt, vibrating tongue, jackrabbit vibrator, strap on dilo, strao on, women with strap ons, best strap on for couples, starp ons, straps and dildos, massage toys, strapon cost, top rated strap ons, using vibrator, best rated strap ons, 11 inch strap on, quality strap ons, strap on dilido, best strap on toys, strap 0n, perfect strapon, females with strapons, cheap strap ons for sale, big strap ons for sale, females with strap ons, strapon packing, toys strap, women and strap ons, double dong strap ons.
10 min
Normal Not Normal
Normal Not Normal
Evanna Lynch part two
This episode is part two of our conversation with our friend Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films.   In this episode things get personal. We get honest about going to therapy, having our identities stolen online and how the Potter films changed our lives.    On a lighter note, we also talk about Evanna’s time on the USA’s Dancing with the Stars, our favourite Potter moments and our dream circus skills.   If you’re struggling with your mental health, please know you’re not alone. We hear you. Take a look at the Samaritans or Mind websites and reach out to family and friends. Help is out there.    We want to hear from you. If you have a brilliant 'Did You Know?' fact, a question for us, a jingle you’ve written or a voice note you want to share, get in touch. We’ll choose a few messages and include them in the audio version of every podcast. You can tweet us your message using the hashtags #normalnotnormal and #didyouknow or email us at normalnotnormalpodcast@gmail.com    Remember, if you’re sending us a voice note or jingle and you’re under eighteen, please get permission from a parent or guardian.   Follow us: @OliverPhelps      @James_Phelps @msevylynch   Normal Not Normal is a Stabl production. Produced by Alice Homewood. YouTube version edited by Oliver and James Phelps. Music: 'Not Normal' by Sebastian Forslund and 'Bobby Swing' by The Bladwerk Band  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
57 min
Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!
Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!
Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQ Podcast for Everyone!
Gay Paris w/ Mélissa Laveaux - Ep. 172
What's 'The City Of Lights' like for les lesbians? Canadian singer-songwriter Mélissa Laveaux has spent the last 13 years living in gay ol' Paris and has some THOUGHTS. Mélissa takes us on a journey from her Canadian and Hatian roots, to her fatphobic immigration experience, to experiences with relationships and racism, and more. She pulls back the curtain on common misconceptions about French culture and life in the big city we love (despite our many critiques and questionable experiences). Plus, Carolyn and Melody blow off some steam after online attacks from Gen Z queers. And finally, we end with a question that digs up our past rebound trauma. Sending extra love this week to our Texan U-Haulers! -Get extra content, Ad Free episodes, support the pod, and get to know other listeners by joining our Patreon community. We use the money for equipment, studio rentals, editing, mixing, travel for live shows (when those are a thing again), and more! -Take the quiz and get a discount on a brand new mattress when you go to helixsleep.com/dykingout If you can't support the pod on a monthly basis, please consider tipping us through Paypal or purchasing 1-on-1s and cameos through Jemi. We truly appreciate it! -We've got MERCH. -For related content, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram -Help more dykes find us and Leave Us a 5-star Review if you like what you hear! -Have a question that you need answered ASAP? Check us out on WISIO. -Like our theme song by There Is No Mountain? Subscribe to our composer/mixer's youtube channel for more beats and mixes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
1 hr 54 min
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