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With Wedding Hair Stylist, Cathy Anne Bridal Hair Laura laughs her way through this weeks Podcast. The atmosphere of the good humored conversation captures a hint what it is like to spend a Wedding Morning in the company of the Laura Redhead Benson and Cathy Anne.

There is genuine so much to Wedding Hair that the Podcast is a little longer than normal but for anyone with hair this is essential listening (even if it take a few listens this is worth re-visiting). You will pick up tidbits about hair care, what impacts the feel and quality of your hair, how to maintain hair after a style and indeed the intricacies of styles.

Preparation starts long before the Wedding Morning and the discussion begins with what you can do to get your colouring right in the months before your day. Cathy Anne explains how to find a good colourist and the important of using the right hair products and good hair products. (some affiliate links to products are located at the bottom of the description)

Warnings of what to do and try not to do the week of your wedding are teased out throughout, including treatments, colouring, even down to the type of water you use. Trials are of course so important when hiring a Hair Stylist.

Laura and Cathy Anne tease out the various scenarios of lead times for trials in this global modern lifestyle of couples. Suggesting good average times for trails as well re-assuring those struggling to find the time. Trails for mothers, bridesmaids and more is addressed (even down to timing of putting on mother's head pieces).

Timing of the Wedding Morning Preparations is critical to a great day. Great advise is given on timing style, getting dressed, traveling an the unknown lost time. This timing advise is useful to anyone involved in Wedding Mornings, be it brides, bridal parties, stylists, floweriest, drivers, so many impact the timing of a Wedding Morning.

Veils, there is so many angles Laura and Cathy Anne took with veils, be it extra pins, comb shapes, functionality and down into the small details of different veils and how they impact your hair style.

Following on from Veils, head pieces are delved into, including all sorts even down to flower girl's crowns.

Second Hair Styles are fast becoming a go to for brides. Various ways of achieving a second hair look be it build in style that is released later in the day or a stylist attending in the evening of your Wedding to re-do your hair. Restrictions, time and complexities of a second hair look are teased out.

Of course advise on searching for hair stylist is given, helping you scan through image after image and what to look for in your search for a style specific specialist or multi style expert.

A common theme of the Podcasts and Wedding industry is to book early if you have an eye on a specific supplier. Skills in various disciplines are scarce so do not leave it too long to hire any individual or team.

Cathy Anne Bridal Hair is a Bridal hair specialist and colour specialist. Indeed you could use Cathy Anne services for any event or occasion.

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