Coronavirus II - COVID-19 - Postponing Weddings
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Coronavirus II, as people are faced with postponing their Wedding due to COVID-19 restrictions Laura Redhead Benson talks through how to deal with moving a wedding date. Some are holding tough and hoping they can still go ahead, and they might just make their wedding happen.

When to postpone, at what point do you postpone is discussed. Laura speaks in general terms so that this video remains relevant as the dates/months go on, rather than speaking about specific dates as they stand now. Hopefully you can apply the given scenario to the situations as they happen in the future.

First of extreme restrictions resulting in your venue being closed. Consider how far out you want to postpone the wedding: 2 weeks, a month, 3 months. If you are in an extreme lock down, how likely is the situation going to become more lenient, allowing you to have your wedding. You can go with a short term postponement and you may have to double postpone or you can go longer term but things may go back to some bit of normality and you may then be waiting for your new date to come around.

Lighter Restrictions may be in place, if you are in a situation where there are number restrictions and is caution generally advised. Your venue is allowing the wedding under the official guidance. Are the restrictions workable for you? Do you want to get married under those restrictions?

Numbers wise, is the reduction in numbers reasonably do-able vs does it completely change your day.

Health wise, think about your own health, your family’s health, your guest’s health.

When there are lighter restrictions after a period of heavy restrictions (Italy in the future) it may be a period of improvement, so weight that up when the time comes.

At some point there will be no restrictions. I think the majority of countries have restrictions in place now in some capacity so this will be a time down the line and hopefully you will not have postponed too early that you’ll have missed your date. When the signals change in the coming weeks and months, try to follow the official guidance and notice the direction the WHO and governments are going in, that may help you avoid a postponement when your wedding may be possible by the time your date comes around.

How to manage a Postponement? Remember it is your wedding so when do you want to postpone to, have an idea and then contact vendors. Reception venue and Ceremony venue are the 2 locations where large gatherings are going to happen so you may want to check what dates they have available. Or you may have a vendor that is more important than the venue and you want to check dates with them first.

Consider Thursday and Sunday weddings it may result in more availability across all vendors. Get a few options, 3 or more dates and send those dates out to suppliers to match up as many as you can. Or pick a period and ask for all availability in that month. Once you have found a date that you think works. Email clearing to all vendors and state you want to re-schedule to the new date. It is important the vendor update their bookings to have your wedding's new date. Give them a chance to confirm but do follow up if you do not get a clear confirmation that they have recorded your new wedding date in their calendar.

Stress and Patience: In general, please do remember that people are under stress for health reason, financial reasons and given the lock downs there are social constraints on people that they are not used. In general be patient and rational when working through the problems that you will have to over the weeks and months ahead.

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