#123: Fear By Any Other Name
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Remember all of that fuss in Romeo and Juliet about a rose? You know, if it was called anything other than a rose, it'd still be a rose. It would look the same, feel the same. Smell the same. That's some deep stuff, right? Basically, Shakespeare was saying it didn't matter how you framed it; a rose is a rose is a rose.   But what if you called a rose a banana? Could that be confusing? Could it drastically alter perceptions and possibly really mess up a good pie? Or let's say you called a rose a thorn delivery system? Suddenly it might not be so appealing.   There's an art form to marketing and spin. A masterful finesse to renaming, rearranging, and reforming how we see things. It can change what we believe, what we want, even how we behave. And sometimes that's refreshing. But sometimes it can be harmful.   You might have designer clothes and handbags, artisan cupcakes or cheese, reimagined, recycled, and upcycled tchotchkes. But did you know that you're probably also walking around with something else that's been rebranded and reframed? I'm talking about FEAR. That's right: there's a whole lotta buzz around repackaging this old feeling. But let's face it: fear by any other name...is still just fear!   And if you want to deal with fear, move through it, overcome its hold on you, you have to get really real and face it head on.   In this episode, I reveal 4 surprising ways you may be disguising this emotion and enabling yourself to detour around it. I also tell you 2 signs that may indicate that you're unknowingly living in a state of perpetual fear. And finally, I share 3 Balancing Tips designed to help you bust through your fears and cope like a unicorn! Just kidding. You'll be coping like a boss. But you can call yourself a unicorn, or a banana, or even a rose. Because a boss by any other name...still takes charge and gets things done!   //
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