#119: Lights, camera, ACTION!
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// So you think you're motivated. You've defined what you want. You've figured out why. You've tapped into your desire. But there's still one more thing you gotta do. And it all comes down to this. What is it? Are you sure you're ready? Okay, here we go... Quiet on set... Lights; camera; ACTION! I've spent the last month breaking down motivation for you piece by piece. No sugar coating. Gloves off. Down to business. And we are finally at the homestretch. I've helped you identify your WHYs. I've taught you how to cut through all the noise and discover your true desires. And I've clarified the importance of decision - and how you are always making decisions either proactively and consciously or passively and irresponsibly. Today I'm giving you the final - and indisputably most crucial - piece of the motivation puzzle. You have to take action. You know that. I'm not telling you anything new. I'd love to be the inventor of the Insta-Motivate Change supplement. Just add water and live your dreams! But if I told you that I'd done that, would you believe me? Would you buy what I was selling? No! Of course not! You're a smart, powerful, capable woman. You know the score. And you don't need a magic bullet. You just need a little push in the right direction. A reminder. Some support. So let's get real. What I'm offering you in this week's podcast is a no-nonsense, 3 Ingredient Formula to provide an easier journey down that necessary path of action. You can't put it in the blender. It doesn't mix easily with your morning latte. It won't wash down with your multivitamin. But when prepared and administered properly, it will give you that added boost you need to make those amazing changes you know you need to make in your life. You cannot defy the laws of physics. As Einstein himself said: "Nothing happens until something moves." Ready to create some serious changes? Click to listen NOW. And...GO! Mentioned in this Episode: #114: The Perfect Recipe for Change #115: Are You Ready for the Superpower of Change?  #116: Whyyyyyy? #117: What You Want?  #118: Decide Already!  //
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