#109: Be More Like Jane
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// See Jane. See Jane run. See Jane fall. See Jane cry. See Jane stand up, regroup, and do the same thing all over again. Jane is frustrated. Jane's in pain. Where is Jane running to, anyway? As it turns out, Jane is trying to get to Nordstrom's. They're having a BIG shoe sale. Jane needs new shoes. Jane's shoes are worn to the sole and falling apart. Maybe that's why Jane keeps falling down. Jane can't afford new shoes and yet she's planning to charge a pair of Louboutins. If she can ever make it there, that is. Jane has fallen victim to clever marketing...and the old paradigm of change. Unfortunately, Jane doesn't really exist or I'd put her in a pair of earbuds and have her listen to my latest podcast. STAT! You don't have to wait to be in excruciating pain to make a change. In fact, when your back is against the wall and you're drowning in desperation, you may find it extremely hard to make sound long-term decisions. You also aren't a complete slave to your cravings and impulses. Changes born solely of lust and desire can also prove to be unwise. Of course, we all have to change under duress sometimes. However, that can and should be the exception, not the rule. But you already know that, don't you? So does Jane. Here's the problem: the old paradigm of change - the one most of us have accepted and bought into - preaches just that. It can literally be a free pass to sit on your butt making excuses when you know very well that you are so much better than that! So are you ready for a new paradigm? Are you prepared for a tiny shift that can blow you mind and rock your world? This week I will give it to you! I'll expose the flaws in the old way we've learned to approach change. And I'll replace it with a far more empowering, liberating, exhilarating way for you to start engineering the changes that will transform your life. It all comes down to one simple word. I'll reveal that word and guide you through a powerful assessment exercise that will allow you to take control of what, when, and how you make changes from now on. I bet you can't wait! Jane couldn't. Wanna know what happened for her? Listen now! Mentioned in the Episode: #107: Ch-ch-ch-change it!  #108: Pick a Lane
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