#98 To Thine Own Self Be Trusting
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRYW7JE_XY8 Who do you trust? I don't mean superficially, casually, socially. I mean who would you want on that desert island with you if you were stranded? And a soccer ball doesn't count. Who would you trust in a crisis? With your twitter password? Who would you sign over control of your affairs to if it ever came to that? Most people have one or two people that come to mind immediately. And that's a really good feeling. But let me ask you this: Is that trust completely unconditional? And here's a tougher question: If you could clone yourself perfectly, right down to the last molecule, would you trust yourself in these situations? Trust is tricky. It's something you're told needs to be earned. Something that you know can be lost. It's something that takes conscious care and time to build...but too often one wrong move to send crumbling down. And like so many crucially important life skills, no one teaches you the fundamentals and language of trust. You're left to our own devices to try to figure it out on your own. The first person - and the most important one at that - who you need to trust is yourself. That's where it begins. And that sets the tone for all others. The level of trust you have in your relationship with yourself will determine and inform the quality of every relationship in your life. In this episode I delve deeper into the topic of self trust. I've talked about it a lot. But this time I break it down for you in a way I wish it'd been taught in school. First I'll reveal the 3 questions you must answer to assess where you are with trusting yourself. Be honest and I promise you it can change your life. Next I'll teach you what I call The 4 Pillars of Trust. And finally, I'll give you the shockingly simple key to unlocking a truly healthy sense of trust.
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