#92: No is a Complete Sentence
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https://youtu.be/4QuWHWQC49g What if a complete stranger approached you on the street and asked you for a kidney? Would you say yes or would you say no? Okay, I realize that this is an absurd situation that would almost definitely never happen. And if it did, you'd probably pull out your pepper spray or scream at the top of your lungs. But indulge me for a moment; there's a method to my madness. If it did hypothetically happen, you'd probably say no. So let me ask you this: Why? If you've already mastered the skills I'm teaching in this week's podcast, you might be crossing your arms, shaking your head a little, and thinking to yourself, "No is a complete sentence." But if like so many people you have been conditioned to justify yourself when you say no, you may actually be feeling a bit anxious and defensive and even involuntarily forming a response for this imaginary crazy person asking you for body parts. No is always an option. In fact, it's often the right option. But if you find it hard to just say no, you're not alone. Now, think about a more realistic situation in your life where you've said yes when every fiber of your being wanted to say no. Think about what it would have been like if you'd followed your instincts. And think about a time when you said no but felt guilty and felt the need to justify yourself and possibly even allowed that no to morph into a yes. What if you could retrain yourself to say no when it's the right and appropriate choice for you? How would that affect your esteem, your focus, even your health? In this episode I will help you identify why you hate saying no, recognize what always saying yes is costing you, and reveal three surprising truths about saying no that could immediately change your perspective...and your life.
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