#91: Deconstructing the Good Girl
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https://youtu.be/VPeXXg1jwac   Hi, my name is Krylyn and I'm a good girl! Okay, to be perfectly honest, I'm a recovering good girl. Which is not to say that I'm a bad girl or no longer a good one or that being a good girl is bad or that being a bad girl is good. Deep. Breath. Got it? Probably not. Because this isn't an easy topic with black and white lines that you need to stay inside of. In fact, that's kinda the point. All that matters is whether or not you're the right kind of girl for YOU. I believe I probably popped out of the womb a good girl. In fact, I think they had a box labeled "Good Girl" ready and waiting for me. And instead of being handed to my mother to be held raw and new and pink and warm, the nurses gave her the box..with me in there somewhere. That box became mine. I owned it. I inhabited it. I stayed firmly inside the lines all through my childhood with very little exception. I did so because it was expected. I did so to survive. And I did so to the point where I got lost and redefined. When people looked at me, they saw only a box. I wore that box so obediently that when someone declared the box needed to change, I shape-shifted right along with it. No questions asked. No bumps in the road. Just me, being that good! Am I ringing your bells, triggering any aha! moments for you? If so, you need to listen to this episode. Right now! Unless of course you'd rather wait. But don't. Be a good girl one last time and let me guide you towards becoming the girl you truly are. Let me reintroduce you to the glorious girl inside your box. And let me help you decide for yourself what kind of girl you want to be!  
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