#88: Change is Hard…and Other Lies Your Mother Told You
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Have you ever lost a tooth? Of course! You lost a bunch of them. You were told to put them under your pillow at night while you slept. And instead of freaking out in terror that your own body parts would attack your face in your dreams, you were giddy and hopeful that some mythical, winged creature was going to daintily flit into your bedroom, reach under your head, take that useless hunk of bone, and replace it with cold, hard cash. It seemed perfectly logical. And you believed it right up until that aha! moment that shattered the illusion. Then the morbid ridiculousness of this bizarre ritual crystallized. You may have felt a bit confused, even betrayed. But you probably also experienced a sense of liberation. Now you knew the truth. The truth is calmer than lies. The truth isn't always pretty but it's always centered. The truth will indeed set you free. Because the truth is empowerment and possibility. It's objective, not personal. And it's the only place from where true change and transformation can begin. In spite of all that, you are lying to yourself right now. About what, I don't know. But I do know that the lies you tell yourself are likely rooted in the lies you grew up with. And I can confidently say that they are holding you back from fully embracing the life you deserve. That's right; even though they seem to offer comfort and prizes, those shiny little fairies are actually messing with your happiness. In this episode, I'm going to provide three steps to obliterate those fairytales from your life once and for all. I'll share the most powerful way I know to instantly uncover pure truth. And just like when you were a child, while it may sting initially, that pinch transforms into possibilities the moment you let the lies go. Are you ready to face the endless wonders on the other side of those ugly lies? Listen now because you deserve the beautiful truth. Want an exclusive behind the scenes VIP look at this episode? Get access to the video footage by joining KryU.
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