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We all Rise Together - We talk to Les Crowder - KM122
Apr 4, 2018 · 58 min
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Les Crowder is a Beekeeper originally from New Mexico, he has devoted his adult life to the study and care of honeybees. He is dedicated to finding organic and natural solutions for problems commonly treated with chemicals. He enjoys keeping bees in Top Bar Beehives is also the co-author of the book "Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health"

Here is what you will discover

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  • What has Les Been Working on 00:02:52
  • You Grew up in New Mexico / Now in Austin 00:03:08
  • Is Austin a great place to Live? 00:03:21
  • Do you have africanized bees in Austin? 00:03:49
  • Tell us about the We all Rise Together Project 00:04:30
  • Do you think Man will ever realise we are all connected? 00:10:18
  • What Gives Les Hope for the world 00:12:08
  • 75% of the world?s Honey Contains Neonicotinoids 00:15:01
  • Seed Collectors being Sued by Monsanto 00:22:25
  • Les got involved in writing Legislation in New Mexico 00:24:33
  • You can rely on your Government to change the environment 00:27:26
  • Can you Grow Bananas in Austin? 00:30:42
  • How do Les's Bees get on in Austin? 00:31:32
  • Bee Audacious Beekeeping by Tom Seeley 00:32:59
  • Why Les only Keeps Top Bar Bee Hives Now 00:34:24
  • Mud, Blood and Beer in our Eyes 00:36:12
  • People before Profit and Corporate Charters 00:40:51
  • A Universal Income for all 00:44:06
  • Does any society today resemble a Bee Colony? 00:46:42
  • Does Les know of any area that don't treat for Mites and still have bees? 00:49:54
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