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Beekeeping in South Carolina with Beekeeper Charlotte - KM117
Nov 22, 2017 · 59 min
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Charlotte Anderson is the first Female Master Beekeeper from South Carolina, she is also a Blogger and a Teacher. In 2012 she was named Beekeeper of the year in South Carolina. We talk about how she keeps bees successfully in the hot climate of South Carolina.

Here is what you will discover (Now with Times!!!)

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  • How to avoid getting stung 02:18
  • What is Charlotte 's three-strike policy 03:00
  • Why is keeping Beekeeping records so important 03:38
  • What help beekeepers become better beekeepers 04:40
  • What is Beekeepers Biggest Problem 05:22
  • Everybody doesn't need to be a Beekeeper 06:35
  • This, not GrandPa's Beekeeping 07:23
  • Does Charlotte have issues with Small Hive Beetles 07:43
  • Wax Moths are not much fun 09:09
  • What inspired Charlotte to start beekeeping? 09:22
  • Are Bees Adapting to Varroa Mites in the South East? 13:43
  • How does Charlotte treat her Bees with Oxalic Acid 16:44
  • What's the biggest issue facing beekeepers in South Carolina 17:24
  • Flowers don't always mean lots of nectar 18:25
  • Sugar is never as good the Bees own Honey 20:23
  • Does Charlotte encourage other people to pursue the Master Beekeeper program 20:44
  • Charlotte tells us about her new online Beekeeping course 24:15
  • Are Pesticides an issue in South Carolina? 28:55
  • Varroa Mites and Weak Queen are an issue, find out why? 29:43
  • Does Open feeding increases the risk of American Foulbrood? 36:08
  • Front Feeders are quite a good way to get your hive robbed out 38:02
  • A suit with Ice Packs in it! 39:22
  • Getting stung in the eye can make you blind 41:28
  • Pulling down your pants isn't always the best way to go 43:57
  • What is Charlotte's funniest Beekeeping story 45:30
  • What the plan for the next Beekeeping Season? 51:50
  • How to follow Charlotte's work 55:49
  • End of the Show 57:34
Resources mentioned in the show

Charlotte’s Webpage is:-

Charlotte’s E-Book

Be A Beekeeper-Online Beekeeping Classes

For you, Social Media Beekeepers Follow Charlotte Here:-

Carolina Honeybees Help For Beginner Beekeepers


Full Show Notes are here:-

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