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Beekeeping in the Hills of Wellington - We talk to Jim Hepburn - KM125
Jul 25, 2018 · 43 min
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Yay, we have just released a new show, it's an interview with a successful urban beekeeper from Wellington in New Zealand.

This week we talk to Jim Hepburn who keeps bees in the hills of Wellington with his partner Jill (Unfortunately who couldn't join us today). We learn how Jim and Jill deal with the Wellington winds and how they manage to keep bees while being busy people.

Jim and Jill are good friends who we met when we used do geocaching many years ago.

Links / Resources mentioned this week

What is Geocaching?

The Wellington Beekeeper club:-

Wasp Killer that Jim used last Season is Vespex

Our interview with Frank Lindsay is here:-

Tansy Plant (Tanacetum vulgare) to inhibit Wax Moth

Jim and Jill got their honey tested at:-

Here is what is in the show (Now with Times)

What do you love about Beekeeping? - 00:03:04 How long ago did you get started in Beekeeping? - 00:03:23 How did Jim and Jill Meet they mentors - 00:05:00 Keeping Bees on the side of a hill - 00:07:31 Has your previous Farming Experience helped you keep bees? - 00:09:40 How was your season last year? - 00:12:36 What is the benefit of keeping Records - 00:13:23 Native Termites Arrive every year - 00:14:45 What does Jim and Jill Butterfly nets for? - 00:15:47 How did Jim manage wasps last season - 00:16:24 What other Benefits does Record Keeping give Jim and JIll? - 00:18:17 Does Jim have any trouble with the Wellington Winds? - 00:20:12 Did Jim get his Honey Tested for Pollen this season - 00:23:30 Was Jim's honey Tested for Tutin this Year? - 00:24:38 What is the name of Beekeeping Club Jim goes too? - 00:26:01 What's the biggest Jim sees new Beekeepers Making? - 00:27:40 What is the time commitment in keeping two hives? - 00:29:21 Do you think keeping bees has changed you guys? - 00:31:01 What are Jim's Plan for Next Season? - 00:33:58 How does Jim Winter Down his Hives - 00:35:45 Any Tips on storing Gear over winter? - 00:37:01 Key Learnings of the Show - 00:40:41

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The full show notes are here:-


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