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Is Beekeeping the antidote for the 21st century, We talk to Nigel Costley- KM129
Nov 7, 2018 · 51 min
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Yay, we have just released a new beekeeping show. We hope you will enjoy this one. We sure enjoyed bringing it to you.

Nigel Costley is a Beekeeper, Tutor and freelance journalist from Nelson in New Zealand. Nigel has been keeping bees for over forty years. He is unofficially known as Nelson's Top Bee bore :)

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What is in the Show

  • How did Nigel become Nelsons Bee Bore 00:02:58
  • What do you love about about bees? 00:04:21
  • How did you first get started as a beekeeper? 00:05:40
  • Is Andrew Matheson a Diplomat Now? 00:06:45
  • Nigels Beekeeping course at Taratahi 00:07:51
  • Do you think New Zealand will ever be AFB Free? 00:09:23
  • Do you think we will see a varroa Resistant bee in New Zealand 00:10:22
  • Nigel has been inspired by Ron Hoskins 00:12:06
  • Nelson doesn't have manuka madness yet 00:19:19
  • Does Nigel Think unlicensed Hives are a problem 00:20:16
  • 22 unregistered dead hives found in Auckland 00:21:32
  • People don't know what AFB Looks like 00:22:48
  • Gadgets in Beekeeping - A good thing? 00:22:52
  • Nigel was involved when varroa first arrived in the South Island 00:26:35
  • How did Varroa mites arrive in Auckland 00:31:04
  • Where are kiwimana's Hives located? 00:31:55
  • When is S2 of Nigels Podcast coming out? 00:33:10
  • Nick Wallingford podcast from 2006 00:34:06
  • Do you have a funny beekeeping experience that you would like to share with our listeners? 00:35:05
  • Ways to help prevent Anaphylactic shock in Children 00:40:59
  • All people that report swarms are allergic to bees stings 00:42:44
  • What's the biggest issue facing beekeeping In Nelson? 00:44:34
  • How do you get in touch with Nigel? 00:47:20

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