Springtime for Down Under Beekeepers - KM127
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Yay, we have just released a new beekeeping show. We hope you will enjoy this one. We sure enjoyed creating it for you.

In this episode we are talking about Coles dropping Imported Honey, What is invading the Norfolk Summer and what is the Flight Range of a Honey Bee.

Links / Resources mentioned this week

Here is what is in the show (Now with Times)

  • What's been happening at kiwimana? 00:02:05
  • kiwimana Global Roving Reporters 00:07:07
  • What should you be doing with your bees? 00:21:40
  • Blog Recap 00:23:20
  • Beekeeping News 00:25:14
  • Norfolk wasp invasion: Heatwave sees number of wasps soar 00:26:17
  • Coles drops imported honey brand Allowrie from their shelves 00:29:09
  • Anything but the 9-5: The beekeepers with an allergy to bees 00:31:43
  • Sphere of influence - The Flight Range of the HoneyBee 00:36:02
  • What's your Number One Beekeeping Problem? 00:38:16
  • Feedback from you guys!!! 00:45:07
  • Whats in the bonus Show? 00:45:40

Full show notes

These notes are a summary of the full show notes. The full show notes includes pictures and more detail information about the show. The full shows are locked for non supporters until the shows has been released to the public.

The full show notes are here:- http://kiwi.bz/127


Gary and Margaret

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