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Yay, we have just released a new beekeeping show. We hope you will enjoy this one. We sure enjoyed bringing it to you.

A listener "Yappy Beeman" took over the show and interviewed Gary and Margaret from kiwimana. Thanks Yappy you did a great job.

Links / Resources mentioned this week Here is what is in the show (Now with Times)
  • How did Gary and Margaret you get Started in Beekeeping 00:04:41
  • What were some of the obstacles they had to overcome 00:08:49
  • Are there things that make it harder to keep bees in New Zealand 00:11:05
  • What season is it in New Zealand 00:14:12
  • What drove kiwimana to expand? 00:16:29
  • What inspired the kiwimana Blog? 00:16:51
  • What plant Produces the most Honey in New Zealand 00:22:22
  • How do beekeepers manage the Long New Zealand Season? 00:24:02
  • Wow 00:27:49
  • What is Beekeeping Australia Like? 00:28:18
  • Bats Are Falling From The Sky in Australia 00:29:15
  • How to keep cool while Beekeeping 00:30:51
  • Can you confuse Goldenrod confused with Marijuana? 00:31:46
  • Is Beekeeping on the Rise in New Zealand? 00:33:25
  • Is the increase a Good thing for the Bees 00:34:49
  • Do Beekeepers Make Millions from Swarms? 00:43:29
  • If we could start again, would we still keeps Bees? 00:45:25
  • Llama Attacked by bees 00:47:47
  • What happened to Yappys Kiwimana Hat 00:51:01
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